Shaker Collection Doors

Shaker. Need we say more? The name says it all. Simple, clean-lined, and uncluttered. This collection of traditionally styled doors is one of our most popular and works well with virtually any decor. Some of the doors in this collection feature solid wood panels, while others use a plywood panel. Be sure to check each door's full detail before making your final decision.

Traditional Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel doors offer the perfect blend of traditional styling and affordability. These doors can be customized with a different edge, framing bead, and panel profiles, which allows you have nearly unlimited design flexibility. From highly ornate to simple and understated, the Traditional Raised Panel door series has something for everyone.

Flat (Plywood) Panel, Slab, Batten, & Louvered Doors

Some of the most economical doors we offer are in this series. Featuring plywood panels and time tested mortise and tenon construction, these doors will last a lifetime. This collection also features a selection of one and 3 piece doors and even Louvered doors for those seeking a truly contemporary or unique look.

Mitered Flat (Plywood) Panel Doors

Mitered doors offer a level of design not achievable with traditional mortise and tenon joinery because only a mitered door allows the detailed framing profile to continue around the door, much like an ornate picture frame. Generally, mitered doors are a jump in price over simple raised panel doors; however, these doors remain budget-friendly by using a flat plywood center panel.

Mitered Raised Panel Doors

Like their less expensive cousin, the flat panel mitered door, Raise Panel Mitered doors offer highly detailed designs that hold glaze well and really stand out in any kitchen. These doors allow the use of a profiled, solid wood raised center panel to achieve even more detail and elegance. However, a flat solid wood center panel is also an option.

Statesman Collection Doors

The Statesman Collection features door designs that are rich in detail. Each door is, for lack of a better term, masculine, portraying wider framing and deeper profiling. All of these designs look fantastic in a home with open space and taller cabinets. Be careful with these designs in smaller kitchens and spaces as they can make it feel smaller due to the 'larger' look and feel of these doors.

Applied Molding Doors

Ah, French Country! With detailed moldings applied to the door face, these doors exhibit depth and detail not available in any other type of design. Any of these doors are ideal when coupled with glazing as the rich, deep profiling captures the glaze and creates relief in your kitchen. Applied molding doors excel at breaking up the predictable lines associated with traditional kitchen design.

Decorative Applied Molding Doors

Each of these doors has a heavily detailed molding applied to the face. Because of the types of molding used on each (rope, dentil, egg and dart, etc), we felt these doors needed to be featured separate from their standard Applied Molding cousins. As you review these designs, keep in mind that we also offer complimenting crown and insert moldings to carry the look throughout the kitchen.

Grooved Panel Collection Doors

Grooved panel doors are at home in a country home, a beach house, or an elegantly styled estate. Coupling grooved panel doors with standard flat panel doors is a great design technique to keep the kitchen from looking too busy. Consider using grooved panel doors on your base cabinets or perhaps just on your island.

Arts & Crafts Collection Doors

Frank Lloyd Wright, the master of the Arts and Crafts movement, would approve of every one of these designs! When coupled with quarter sawn oak, you can easily achieve a look made popular by wood working icons such as Stickley and Chippendale furniture. While these doors are on the more expensive end of the scale, they will ensure that your guests know you did not buy your cabinets at Home Depot!

1" Thick Collection Doors

This collection features some of our most expensive and most detailed door designs. Because the extra 1/4" of door thickness is all to the face, many of the designs feature deeper profiles, thereby creating more relief and a truly massive look. Be careful using these doors in full and ultra-full overlay settings as they can bind against adjacent doors when opening.

Accent Doors

To the untrained eye, many of these doors may look simple. but they are not simple to make! Each door exhibits a level of craftsmanship that you simply can't get from the big box stores. From mitered panels to heavily detailed and mitered framing beads, these doors stand out in any home.

MDF Doors (Five-piece - Mortise and Tenon)

Worthy of consideration for all painted projects, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a stable material that accepts paint well and unlike wood is not prone to expansion and contraction over time that can lead to damage to a painted finish. For customers who desire a common CWS door style with a painted finish, the Five-piece Mortise and Tenon MDF doors are for you.

MDF Doors (Five-piece - Applied Molding)

Does your new kitchen beckon the elegance of a painted finish on an Applied Molding door? If yes, then welcome to Conestoga's Five-piece Applied Molding MDF doors. MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a stable door material that is very resistant to expanding and contracting (unlike its wood counterpart), which takes a painted finish well. These favorable traits allow Applied Molding MDF Doors, with a painted finish, to resist cracks in the paint finish over time making them a worthy candidate for your new kitchen.

MDF Doors (Five-piece - Miter)

For customers who want a CWS Miter doors, but are planning to select a painted a finish, we offer the Five-piece Miter MDF doors. MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is a stable material that unlike wood is not prone to expansion and contraction over time. This material, which also accepts paint well, is the perfect material for a painted door finish that will hold up for years to come.

MDF Doors (One-piece)

Some of our most affordable designs, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) doors, are worthy of consideration for all painted projects. Many customers who order painted doors prefer they be MDF as it creates a stable substrate that will not crack the paint over time. Below are our one-piece MDF offerings.

Strata - Alternative Materials

Conestoga’s edgebanded Strata "TSS" (Thermally Structured Surface) program incorporates the latest in European styling and laminate technology to produce contemporary doors and accessory products featuring realistic wood patterns and varying degrees of grain textures. Strata products are extremely durable, colorfast and available in a wide variety of colors and patterns (see our Materials & Finishes Gallery)

Intrigue - Alternative Materials

The Intrigue TSS (Thermally Structured Surface) line offers 5 opaque colors with realistic woodgrain texture. All colors have been matched by Conestoga in a paint for use on their RTA cabinet system. This product line exhibits a level of durability comparable to Strata, but at a more aggressive price point. Intrigue products provide dimensional stability as well as resistance to scratching, rub marks and abrasions.