RESPONSE TIMES: Due to very heavy volume, response times may be delayed. Both we and our manufacturing partner are working diligently to keep up. You are more likely to get an expedient response if you send a request for a quote so you/we can see if you are in budget (either using the quote form or an email with the pertinent information such as door style, wood, finish, and shipping city/state). You don’t need to have all the details worked out, but by getting us at least a basic request, we can put numbers to your project so we can mutually determine if there is a fit.

PHONE CALLS: “General Inquiry” type phone calls/voice mails are being addressed as we can. These types of calls represent a significant time investment for our sales reps and designers who are currently working overtime to finalize projects with customers who have submitted quote requests.

ORDER SIZES: Historically, we have accepted orders of any size. In our current environment, we do not have the capacity to handle small orders (a few doors, a few cabinets, etc) in an expedient fashion. Such orders are also generally not price-competitive simply because of the fixed costs of shipping. For this reason, we may decline to quote your small project, but feel free to submit a quote and one of our Cabinet Coaches will let you know if we can take the job at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience!

Please know that we are making every effort to get caught up and return to the standards of service our customers have long enjoyed. Thanks for your continued patience!

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