To make your process of envisioning, selecting, and ordering your cabinets from us simpler, we offer CAD design services that will help jump start your DIY cabinets project! Typical kitchen designs generally cost about $350 and include some revisions. Additional work could be billed hourly. Your designer can guide you on your project’s design costs. Some/all of the fees are credited back to you once you place your order**. The design fee is based on the complexity of your project and the level of detail you would like (top-down views only vs full plans/renderings/elevations, etc). The amount of the design fees credited would be dependent on the value of the project vs the amount of design time that was required.

**We credit back 2% of your total order value when your order is placed, but bear in mind that if you choose zero % interest financing, we cannot also credit the design fees or sample fees as the interest-free financing costs 8.5% of the financed amount.

Here are some things to keep in mind about our design services:

  • We do not offer ‘color renderings’, but we do include 3D renderings with greyscale (see sample packages below). Some customers have asked us why this is. The reason, quite simply, is that we are not interior designers, we are cabinet layout specialists. We don’t have any way to sit with the client to choose countertops, lighting, paint colors or backsplash and clients have attempted to hold us accountable in the past due to the color rendering of their kitchen not being an exact ‘match’ to the customer’s material and color selections.
  • Our normal turn-around time for kitchen drawings is 3-4 days. The more complex the design, the more time it will take. Also, this lead-time can increase or decrease based on our workload. We realize that stock cabinet companies using ‘library’ based software (like 20/20) can design very quickly and for free, sometimes even as you wait, but you get what you pay for. Conestoga’s product is incredibly vast and complicated and care must be taken to ensure their options and products are designed correctly. Since the CAD design is the guiding document for your kitchen and your installer, a great design will result in a great kitchen!
  • The more revisions you make, the more time your final design will take. Typical kitchen designs can take upwards of 2-4 weeks. You appliance choices, job site issues (like design considerations that are only revealed during demolition) and other considerations can all contribute to numerous back-and-forth communications between you and your designer. Remember, this is not a two-day process! Bear this in mind as you plan your project schedule.