Designing your dream kitchen is totally dependent on the quality of the measurements and details we receive. The first step is for you to send our designer a sketch of the space with all measurements detailed. If you cannot email and prefer fax, please fax to 704-662-8898.

First, Develop Your Design Sketch

  1. Measure each wall length.
  2. Now, measure the distance to obstacles such as windows or doors. Take care to account for any trim moldings around these openings that may not yet be installed.
  3. Measure your centers to plumbing outlets or electrical outlets that may need to be accounted for in the final plan
  4. If measuring for an island or peninsula, be sure to take in to account isle distances. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends 42″ for isles, and definitely try not to design with isles smaller than 36″.
  5. Measure your ceiling height. Do not assume that it is exactly 8 or 9 feet high.
  6. Once you are comfortable with your measurements, begin plotting your dimensions on your layout paper. It is helpful to sketch your kitchen using an appropriate scale (for example, every 4 blocks on the paper equals 1 foot.

The image below shows a correctly plotted kitchen top view diagram. You can either sketch in your exact cabinets, noting them on the drawing, or you can send us the top down view/measurements and we will design and draw your kitchen for you using our computer aided design software.

DIY Cabinets Design Sketch

Provide Additional Design Details

Consider the following:

  • Do you want glass cabinets in your design?
  • What about roll out trays or trash bins?
  • Have you considered the staggered height wall cabinets (some wall/tall cabinets higher than others in the room)?
  • What kind of designer elements are you looking for such as posts, flutes, corbels, etc.?

Review Your Cabinet Design Plans

Once the designer has received this information from you, she will work up a fee structure for your drawings based on your project scope. Your design fee will be credited back at a rate of 2% of the job total once you place your full job. Once she has received your information, she will need a few days to a week to complete your design. Your design will be sent to you in PDF format via email. We encourage you to take time when reviewing the drawings. Make sure all isles are satisfactory, cabinets are correctly placed, measurements reflect your actual room dimensions, etc. Please remember that she is relying on you to be responsible for the accuracy of the drawings, but that she will help you in any way she can to ensure the plans are accurate.

Start Designing Your Cabinets

If interested in using our cabinet design services, please contact the designer by completing the form below. Our designer is a talented kitchen designer who’s worked with many of our happy clients. She will listen to your ideas and then work with you to determine a price for your design. Once the design is complete, we can begin quoting your approved layout using the cabinetry specs, color, door design, and options that you choose.

We look forward to working with you on your dream kitchen!

Email Our Designer

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PLEASE NOTE: Our designers are freelance designers who are NOT affiliated with The CabinetJoint or Conestoga Wood Specialties. They are just really great designers who we are comfortable referring you to for assistance in visualizing your design. However, when we generate a quote based on the drawings they produce, we are assuming the drawings have been thoroughly validated including cabinet codes, appliance specs, etc. The CabinetJoint does not take responsibility for any inaccuracies in the drawings, since we did not generate/approve them, and the designer is not our employee.