Lead Times Extended!

For the first time since the hurricane of 2017 which impacted the Kenly, NC plant, Conestoga has been forced to extend lead times effective Oct 5th. COVID as well as a huge influx of orders… More »

Custom Stain Color Matching

Do you have a job that requires a matching or complementary stain color on your cabinetry? Are there installed cabinets in the home that need a replacement door but time has aged them and they… More »

Finishing: Light & Color

It would seem obvious that light affects the way we see the world around us, but it’s far less obvious how dramatically different types of lighting influence how our eyes discern color. This is particularly… More »

Conestoga “Corners” the Market…

Conestoga Introduces a Corner Cabinet that’ll Open Your Eyes to Awesome Storage Design Conestoga Wood has taken a fresh look at the corner cabinet and, ironically, they’re kicking their new vision off with their freshly… More »

COVID-19 Update

Need some good news? In today’s climate of growing fear, we at Cabinet Joint wanted to reach out in solidarity and provide you with a bit of encouragement. We’re hoping to reassure our valued customers… More »

Hike To Katahdin With Us!

About 2 years ago, my daughter began to dream about hiking the Appalachian Trail once she got out of High School and before she entered the “Real World”. As an avid outdoorsman who had dreamed… More »

Our “Big Why” Campaign

A few years ago, the owners were inspired by a talk they heard by Chuck Blakeman. Chuck was imploring business owners to figure out what their “Big Why” was because simply producing or selling a… More »

Affects of Moisture in Wood

For generations, people have determined that they love the look of painted cabinetry and furniture. However, as any woodworker can attest to, putting paint over solid wood is not necessarily a good idea when materials… More »

We Offer Financing!

We  realize that remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, building a home office or constructing the entertainment center of your dreams can lead to financial pressure. While we all want a lovely home, there are still… More »

Stanisci Hood Lead Times Extended.

A note from Conestoga regarding Stanisci Wood Range Hood Lead times. The lead time extension is due to a plant move they are undertaking in the coming weeks. Please consider this information when placing orders… More »