white oak dual vanity cabinets

For many, DIY projects are a lifetime love affair. What is referred to in childhood playtime as “arts-n-crafts” becomes in adulthood something that is relaxing and fulfilling – an opportunity to expend creative energy and ameliorate your space in one. From assembling an RTA cabinet case for your living room to the Paint-and-Sip night you host there, DIY is a chance to add meaning and gratification to your home without spending too much money in the process.

DIY Wonders: Wible’s White Oak Vanities

The creator of The Accent Piece, Suzie Wible, describes herself as “a self-taught woodworker, DIY enthusiast, house-to-home transformer, new home builder, endlessly curious maker, wife, and mom to 2”. Following the purchase of her and her husband’s first home, the newlyweds realized they lacked the funds to furnish the new space and Wible began to put her creativity and resourcefulness to work. For the last 10 years Wible has been creating the spaces she wants to live in, and educating others through her blog online so they may do the same. This past year, the Wibles finished building their dream home and opted to collaborate with Cabinet Joint on a beautiful pair of white oak bathroom vanities.

white oak vanity cabinet
A DIY Assist From The Cabinet Joint

Though the couple didn’t find themselves in the same financial situation they knew as newlyweds, they still wanted to save money on the build where they could. Custom cabinetry is a big ticket item that only costs more as the quality increases. Enter Cabinet Joint: finely crafted, fully custom RTA cabinets – perfect for a DIY extraordinaire like Wible. Ready-to-assemble cabinets can be sold for lower prices as the purchaser bypasses assembly and installation costs by doing it themselves. Assembly can be completed by DIYers of all skill levels with help from Cabinet Joint demonstrational videos and the Cabinet Coaches to answer questions. For Wible, she described the assembly process as taking only two hours per vanity, and reported that the hardest part of the whole process was having to wait until building was nearly complete to install and see her beautiful vanities in the new space.

Wible’s decision to go with white oak as a finish came partially from a desire to soften up the bright whites of her bathroom and in part from an inspiration photo she passed onto her Cabinet Coach, who identified the wood species for her. In general, Wible noted that her Cabinet Coach would help her in any way she needed and answered questions she had throughout each step of the process of designing, ordering, assembling, and installing. She wrote, “That’s one thing I love about this company – how hands on they are. Their cabinet coaches are readily available to answer any and all questions you might have. And trust me, I had a lot!” 

DIY Work is Hard but Worth It

It’s hard work to make sure a home is keeping up with life’s evolving needs and stages. At the same time, it’s fair to expect changes made to your home to last a lifetime and longer. DIY-aficionados strike a healthy balance between these two ideals by addressing areas of improvement and doing so in a way that is sustainable and long-lasting. Cabinet Joint’s portfolio of high quality-offerings are customizable to your exact needs and are built to endure every phase, trial, and opportunity that will pass through your home. The Wibles’ new vanities are a lovely addition to a delightful dream home and we hope they assist in the making of all kinds of new memories for years to come.

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  1. Great article! My husband and I had a similar experience with Cabinet Joint. Our coach was terrific for our living room built-ins and our full kitchen remodel. The hardest part of making all the cabinets for the kitchen was finding space to put them as they were constructed!

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