Panel Raise Profiles

The panel raise is one of the most important design elements on your door. A traditional slant type raise would work well in a simple raised panel door while more ornate raises may be more appropriate for highly detailed mitered designs. There is no wrong or right, so have fun designing your perfect door.

Framing Bead Profiles

The Framing Bead is the part of the door frame that meets the panel area. We offer several to choose from ranging from simple to ornate. Note that in some cases (such as many mitered doors), the framing bead profile is part of the door design and cannot be changed. This will be noted in the details for the door design.

Edge Profiles

Profiles ranging from simple to highly ornate. Some are excellent at gathering glaze in the nooks and crannies while others are more appropriate for simple, cleaned lined designs like shaker doors. Note that some of the profiles shown are not available with concealed hinge boring.