Why We Use Social Media:

  • To empower and inspire our followers with design ideas, DIY tips, and uplifting content. To build authentic relationships and bring awareness to small businesses, charities, and American-made products.


What we WILL do:

  • Encourage work/life balance and time away from electronics. We will post planned content Monday through Friday.  We will respond to comments, tags and direct messages as quickly as possible while also respecting the non-work hours of our employees. 
  • Partner with individuals and companies who conduct themselves with integrity and treat others with respect. 
  • Encourage productive dialogue and commenting with listening ears and open hearts.  Discrimination, hate speech and inflammatory attacks will be removed. 
  • Share content only with permission from the original owner, while also respecting their identity, if requested. 
  • Share ideas and be transparent about our products and accessories. Clarify, if necessary, that our opinions are our own.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines of the platform on which we are posting.