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Our RTA Cabinets are custom and built to order, offering an array of doors designs, finish colors, and cabinet options. Start by viewing some sample projects and pricing information. You may be surprised how much you can save when you buy online!

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Why We Choose Conestoga Wood Specialties

Conestogas RTA cabinets are unlike any other. Watch to learn more about what sets them above the rest. More videos »

Conestoga Wood Specialties

The Cabinet Joint works exclusively with Conestoga Wood Specialties based in Lancaster County, PA. Their luxury grade custom-built RTA cabinets are the best in the United States. When you order through the Cabinet Joint, you typically save 30%-40% versus showroom prices.


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  • RTA Custom Cabinet Kitchen

    RTA Cabinets

    Each cabinet is built to order in the USA, not pulled from stock. Custom order your cabinets, just the way you want.

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  • Doors

    Cabinet Doors

    Looking for just cabinet doors or drawer fronts? We have hundreds of designs and finishes to choose from.

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  • Drawer pull-out accessory

    Cabinet Accessories

    Add a touch of style and storage with drawer boxes, roll outs, range hoods, decorative moldings, and more.

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Why Choose Cabinet Joint?

  • We offer a 3-year warranty: We extend Conestoga’s standard warranty by 2 additional years. Other resellers offer the standard Conestoga 1 year warranty
  • We offer design services: This ensures your new cabinetry will fit your space. No other Conestoga reseller offers design services.
  • We work with the product every day: We build cabinetry for our own projects. We don’t just ‘sell’ the product, we use it. The other Conestoga resellers simply sell the product, they have no real world experience with it.
  • We offer a robust video library: Since we build so much product, we are able to shoot helpful videos, resulting in a library with 170+ ‘how-to’ support videos detailing assembly, hardware installation, etc.
  • We offer financing: By financing your project, often as low as 0% APR, you can more easily afford your new cabinetry and can put your cash to work in other areas of the remodel.
  • We cater to homeowners. Homeowners don’t work with Cabinetry every day, so our business model caters to homeowners, not just woodworking professionals.

Why Choose Conestoga?

  • Their cabinets are built to order in the USA: Built from scratch, not just ‘assembled’…and have been for over 50 years
  • Their cabinets are constructed better: They feature a unique sliding dovetailed technology for unmatched stability, durability, and beauty. No cam lock fasteners!
  • Their materials are better: The cuts of lumber, finish process and materials, door construction and other aspects of the cabinet are heads and shoulders above any imported cabinet.
  • They offer unparalleled selection: The breadth of offering including door designs, options, and finish combinations is unrivaled in the industry. They even offer over 1500 custom paint colors all from the Sherwin Williams palette.
  • Their finishes are superior: Hand-wiped stains and glazes, baked on catalyzed conversion varnish top coat and hand applied techniques such as glazing and distressing.
  • Custom cabinet sizes at no upcharge: Cabinets can be ordered in width/depth/height increments of 1/16″. This is not available in imported RTA cabinetry.