• Most orders are shipped via common carrier, generally Fed Ex/Fed Ex Freight. Conestoga will generally determine ‘best way’ shipping based on available freight rates to your zip code. In all cases, you will be charged freight in advance when you pay for your order.
  • Note that all shipments are ‘FOB’ (free on board) Conestoga’s factory in either NC or PA. By definition, FOB means that responsibility for the delivery passes to the freight carrier at the point it leaves the Conestoga factory. Therefore, Conestoga/Cabinetjoint’s responsibility is limited to replacing product damaged in transit that is reported based on the process outlined below. There is no provision for returns or refunds of entire orders based on dissatisfaction with the shipping/freight carrier or excessive damage. Such complaints would need to be passed to the freight carrier directly.
  • Conestoga’s (and therefore, CabinetJoint’s) warranty regarding shipping damage is limited solely to the value of the original materials purchased from Conestoga/CabinetJoint and is further limited to the purchase price paid for the materials. Conestoga nor Cabinet Joint will be responsible for extraneous materials, labor, travel costs, lodging costs, installation expenses or other related expenditures arising from damage or freight carrier related shipping delays.
  • It is always helpful to have your order shipped to a location that has a loading dock. Perhaps your place of business will accommodate personal deliveries. Because the cabinets are delivered on pallets, a loading dock and pallet jack/forklift are often quite handy! If you do not have access to such facilities, we can have shipments delivered to your home. See the important information below pertaining to residential deliveries:
  • Residential deliveries are generally curbside only and the freight driver may only be willing to get the items to the back of the truck. Larger orders will include a lift gate service which will get the pallets to the ground. However, some hand unloading may still be required.  Most boxes weigh less than 75lb, but may be awkward to handle for one person. Always arrange to have assistance available to unload your order if you feel it is necessary.
  • Be aware that ‘curbside only’ means that the shipper will get the load as close to the location as the delivery conditions and truck limitations allow. This may mean that the load is dropped 500 feet from the house. This is not the responsibility of the shipper or Cabinet Joint. Therefore, be sure to work out delivery logistics with the shipper when they contact you to arrange delivery.
  • Be aware that any additional services you agree to with the shipper or driver (lift gate for small loads, extra handling) are the responsibility of the customer. Be careful what you ask them for as you may be assessed a bill!
  • We supply your contact information to the freight company and instruct them to contact you to arrange for delivery. If the freight company attempts delivery based on your arrangements but is unsuccessful (nobody home, no-one available to assist in unloading, inaccessible location, etc), a re-delivery charge will be assessed to you. These fees are not the responsibility of The Cabinet Joint and the delivery cannot be made until the fees are paid.
  • You may also pick up your order at the freight company’s distribution center. Simply contact your shipper with the tracking number we emailed you and inquire if pick up is available. Be sure to have a suitable vehicle to handle the order. There is a lot of packaging material that can even make a small job fairly bulky.
  • We are unable to process requests for third party arranged shipping or use third party freight account numbers although you may arrange for customer pick up and arrange for your freight carrier to pick the order up once complete.

Damage & Missing Items Claims

  • Claims for damage or missing products must be reported to The Cabinet Joint within 12 days of delivery. The reason has nothing to do with us. Since Conestoga has to fight the shipper for the replacement cost, the shipper requires timely reporting of damage claims. We simply lose our ability to file a claim on your behalf if you wait longer than the mandated 12 days.
  • When damage or missing claims are reported expeditiously, we are able to get your replacement promptly processed with no questions asked.
  • If there is a lengthy delay in reporting damage obvious, the freight companies often refuse to accept responsibility and charges for the replacement items may result.
  • The Cabinet Joint will process all claims. You do not need to contact the freight company to file a claim.


Due to the custom ‘build to order’ nature of the product, there is no provision for returns or refunds.