Use this form to request replacements due to damage, missing items, and quality issues. Keep in mind that in order to claim free replacements, the items in question need to be reported within 12 business days of delivery.

Quick Check: Before seeking product support or replacement(s), please be sure that there is, in fact, an issue. Many customers have found that a quick scan through our video library will solve mysteries like the wrong part being used on the wrong cabinet. This proactive measure often allows you to move forward without further delay.

To submit a replacement request, you will need:

  1. The Purchase Order & Line Item numbers from the Final Quote used to place your cabinet order. Click here to learn how to read your cabinet labels and Final Quote.
  2. Photos of the damaged or defective part(s) and the packaging it was in, the skids the shipment arrived on, the Delivery Receipt (or shipping receipt the driver had you sign).

Thanks again for trusting us with your order!

What detail will we need?

Below are examples of the detailed information we will ask for in the form below for different kinds of claims.