Mullion & Frame Only Doors

Glass door options allow you to transform literally any door in your project into a showpiece. Please note that while our glass door options do include the retainer molding to hold the glass in the door, we do not include the glass in your order. Glass must be measured and sourced locally by the customer.

Wainscot Panels

Wainscot panels are basically large door panels, much like you might see in a library. Wainscot panels allow you to mount a giant 'door' panel to the back of your island with individual raised panel areas (as many or as few as you like). The result is a rich, luxury grade look you simply can't achieve with stock cabinetry.

Sanding & Distressing

Distressing, antiquing and wear sanding are designed to emulate age in a finished door. Finish prep sanding options such as cross grain removal and edge sanding prepare a raw wood door for the final finish step, ensuring the wood looks as beautiful as nature intended. Note that the cross grain and edge sanding options are included on finished products.

Pegs & Grooves

By applying simple design touches such as a square corner peg or a delicate panel groove treatment, you can take your kitchen to a different level of design sophistication. These treatments can be applied to any door in the kitchen...or all of them!

Miscellaneous Door Options

This category includes many options you may have never have thought of...Routs for the fronts of doors, routed hand pulls, special wood conditioning options and more. Take a look and see if there is an option you can use in your project!

Hinges & Hinge Boring

When ordered with our cabinets, we automatically bore your doors and include the hinges. For your own project, such as a reface or door replacement, we would need to know your hinge preference. This section details the options available to you. Note that we only carry face frame style hinges in common overlays noted here.

Door Frame Modifications

Modifying the width of any frame piece of a door allows you to accomplish things like putting a wide base rail on the bottom of an island panel to allow for a base molding. Note that mitered doors are not eligible for some frame modifications.

Appliance Panels

Appliance panels affix to the front of your appliance (usually a fridge or dishwasher) using a trim kit supplied with your appliance. Please note that the appliance panel specifications must be supplied when ordering. We offer options for all conventional means of applying a panel to your appliance.