X-Lite with Open Hub Mullion
  • Features diagonal crisscrossed mullion pattern with hub centered in the door opening. Hub can be open or solid.
  • Open hub diameter is dependent on framing bead profile. Open bead hub with F-1223, Regular, Square and Elite beads will receive 3″ diameter hub. Ogee bead
    will receive a 3-1/4″ diameter hub. F-007 bead will receive a 3-7/8″ diameter hub.
  • All 3/4″ framing beads available. Regular, Ogee, Square and Elite beads also available in 1″.
  • Matching mullion profiles in F-007, F-1223, Regular, Ogee and Square. Elite and F-877 beads receive Regular bead mullion profile.
  • Minimum door size – 9-5/8″ x 9-5/8″ with 2-5/16″ wide framing.
  • Clear plastic retainer moulding standard unless otherwise specified. Wood retainer moulding or no retainer moulding options available.
  • X-Lite with Open Hub Mullion receives a 5 lite design charge.
  • Odd mullion configurations upcharge applies.