Beaded Inset, Madison Door, Crown 1524 & filler slab, Unfinished Painted Halcyon Green 6213 on Site & 9' ceiling

Inset cabinetry from Conestoga is significantly less than inset cabinetry purchased from local cabinet shops or high-end manufacturers. We strongly suggest you consider Conestoga’s inset cabinetry as the pricing is almost the same as overlay cabinets. When combined with their no-charge custom sizing and high-end custom touches like inset frame and door end panels, you simply can’t find a more feature rich, heirloom quality inset cabinet for less! We are often less than half the price of well-known inset cabinet lines.

Inset cabinets are not a different ‘line’ of cabinets with Conestoga, they are simply an option to their standard cabinet line. It just means that they will make the doors to fit inside the face frame instead of lay on top of it (overlay cabinets).

To learn more about inset cabinets, check out our Inset Cabinetry Videos collection. Below are some


For an overview of Conestoga’s inset program, take a look at this video! It is a feature-rich program that allows pretty much any design options you need and even allows custom colors in the Sherwin Williams Palette!

The assembly of the cabinets is the much same for overlay or inset, but the up-fit (installation of doors and drawers) is much more labor intensive. This is why cabinet shops get 25-30% more for inset cabinets. In the case of Conestoga, the up-charge is minimal, but be sure to plan extra time for up-fitting your cabinets.

This video shows how the hinge brackets are installed on the back of the frame just prior to cabinet assembly. There are several other videos in this series, feel free to watch them all

This Video shows how you would install your drawer glide hardware (video covers both inset and overlay cabinets). While this is not necessarily harder than overlay cabinets, the preciseness of the fit requires a little more fiddling to get the settings just right. But remember you are saving enormous amounts of money by doing your high-end inset cabinets with Conestoga’s RTA line!

Installing your drawer fronts on inset cabinetry is also not hard, but requires a little more work to line things up just right. This process is explained in this video.

Sorting your kitchen for assembly is more challenging with inset since the front frames come from a different factory than the cabinet box parts. This video walks you through what you need to do to sort your job prior to assembly.