By partnering with Conestoga Wood Specialties, Cabinet Joint offers the industry’s finest cabinetry products from kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts to complete RTA cabinet systems, ranging across entry-level price points to high-end luxury. Our brand is set apart not only by offering first-rate wood cabinet components, but a wealth of advice and counsel on how to design, order, build and install the finest cabinets money can buy.

Why not find some other internet-based RTA cabinet company? At Cabinet Joint, we don’t just sell our products – we use them every day in our own cabinet operation. We take pride in our products and witness how their superior functionality facilitates our lives and the lives of our customers. Furthermore, our dedication to fine cabinetry and superior craftsmanship gives our clients the opportunity to tap into a vast, 30 year knowledge base of product details, ordering processes, project design and planning, technical specifications, tools, equipment, and much more. Whatever it is you need for your cabinetry project, we’ve got you covered.

About Conestoga Wood Specialties

Conestoga wood specialties

Since 1964 Conestoga Wood Specialties has manufactured the highest quality doors and wood components in the kitchen cabinet industry. From modest beginnings in a small garage in Lancaster County, PA almost 60 years ago, they have grown into the industry leader by way of their dependability in both product performance and on-time delivery.

Through continuous refinement of their processes and constant upgrades to their equipment, Conestoga combines the best that technology has to offer with over 1,000 trained and dedicated craftsmen, ensuring that their products will always exceed their customer’s expectations. Conestoga’s manufacturing capabilities are spread across eight facilities strategically located throughout the United States. The location of these facilities allows them to better understand and service the needs of the regional markets and minimizes transportation time and expense to customers in any location.

Above all, Conestoga offers a level of dependability that is unsurpassed. Whether you purchase their doors, moldings, drawer boxes, RTA cabinets, or any of the hundreds of accessories and ancillary items they offer, Conestoga is totally committed to providing the quality products you need, when you need them, with a company-wide shipping record of over 99% complete and on time, every day.

At Conestoga, they understand that relationships are built one delivery at a time. Having partnered with them for many years (and with our owner having worked for them in a number of capacities including product development and sales), we can personally attest to their incredible performance and product quality. We are proud to bring this professional-grade product to the DIY market, allowing homeowners to experience the Conestoga brand firsthand.

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About Our Team

From humble beginnings, Cabinet Joint has evolved into a thriving, passionate group of individuals. We don’t just see ourselves as a team, but a family, wherein each member is uniquely gifted. At Cabinet Joint, we strive to leverage these gifts by encouraging one another in ways that best express our talents, spirit, and passion. We’re all pulling on the same end of the rope, in search of our higher calling, cheering one another on to make a lasting and positive impact on our families, communities, and world.

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Our ‘Big Why’

At Cabinet Joint, selling cabinetry is only what we do. It isn’t who we are. Who we are is defined by our ‘Big Why’ – why do we exist?

We are daring to impact our world by committing company revenue and time to fund projects and organizations that our team is passionate about. The purposes we are called to serve are about more than just money. A ‘Big Why’ is closer to the heart than a check can come, and the Cabinet Joint family comes together to serve communities, work on disaster relief projects, and much more.

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