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receiving & Inspecting your shipment:

  1. Have your phone handy to receive calls from the carrier and take photos.
  2. Make note of when the driver arrives and leaves. Typical deliveries allow for 15 minutes of free delivery service. If you detain the driver longer than the allotted time, the bill you receive from the carrier will be your responsibility.
  3. If possible, have help to unload the shipment. Some large skids may need to be taken off of the truck by hand.
  4. Be sure to take photos of each pallet and loose package while they are unloaded from the truck, along with close-up photos of each package label. (See examples below)
  5. Ask the driver for the delivery receipt so you can verify that the number of skids and loose packages listed on the delivery receipt matches what is being delivered.
  6. Count all of the skids and loose packages. Occasionally items will slide out of a skid. To determine whether an item is a loose package or a box that should have been inside a skid, check the package for a label. Each skid and loose package will have a label with a nine-digit number. If the last three digits are -000 it is a loose package. If the package does not have a label it was originally inside of a skid. (See examples below.)
  7. Inspect all sides of each skid and loose package for external damage.
  8. If a Stanisci wood hood was ordered, open the crate and inspect the hood for damage. This is the only item that needs to be opened and inspected on delivery day.

Signing Delivery receipt

  1. If the quantity of pallets and loose packages does not match the quantity noted on the delivery receipt, check the “short” box on the delivery receipt and specify the number of pallets and/or packages received. (See example below.)
    • If you sign the delivery receipt as complete and a loose package or pallet was in fact missing, replacements may be chargeable in the event the items are not found.
  2. If any packages or pallets are dented, creased, crushed, not packaged or not wrapped like the rest of the items, check the “damage” box on the delivery receipt. (See example below.) When a Stanisci wood hood is ordered and damage is found when inspected, check the “damaged” box on the delivery receipt.
    • If obvious damage is not marked on the delivery receipt, replacements may be chargeable.
  3. When damage is present, take a photo of the external damage.
  4. Finally, sign the delivery receipt and take a photo of it for your records.
  5. Keep the driver there only as long as necessary to complete the above steps. Everything else can be done after the driver leaves. Again, detaining the driver longer than the allotted time for your delivery may result in additional fees (see Step 2 in the section above).

Examples of Package labels

SIGNED Delivery Receipts

Missing Example

Damage Example

Should you have any questions, please contact your Cabinet Coach. They will be happy to help you!