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If you are looking to reface your existing cabinets or just purchase cabinet doors and drawer fronts for your project, you came to the right place! Conestoga offers many of their door/drawer front styles in custom sizes to within 1/16″. All we need is the door style, wood species, options (such as finishing, profiles, etc) and a list of sizes.

Here are some of our most popular doors. Use the search and filters to see additional doors. VIEW ALL DOORS VIEW ALL DOORS

Door Options

Mullion & Frame Only Doors

Glass door options allow you to transform literally any door in your project into a showpiece. Learn more.

  • Frame Only Door

    Frame Only Door

  • Standard Lite Mullion

    Standard Lite Mullion

  • 9 Lite Offset Mullion

    9 Lite Offset Mullion

  • Double X Mullion

    Double X Mullion

  • Double Bow Diamond Mullion

    Double Bow Diamond Mullion

  • Vesica Mullion

    Vesica Mullion

  • Double Bow Mullion

    Double Bow Mullion

  • Odyssey Mullion

    Odyssey Mullion

  • Diamond Lite Mullion

    Diamond Lite Mullion

  • Arched Lite Mullion

    Arched Lite Mullion

  • Double Arched Lite Mullion

    Double Arched Lite Mullion

  • X Lite Mullion

    X Lite Mullion

Hinge Boring

When ordered with our cabinets, we automatically bore your doors and include the hinges. For your own project, such as a reface or door replacement, we would need to know your hinge preference. Learn more.

  • hinge boring

    Hinge Boring – Pattern “A” for Overlay Cabinets

  • hinge boring

    Hinge Boring – Pattern “B” for Frameless & Inset Cabinets

  • hinge boring

    Hinge Boring – Pattern “C” for Frameless Cabinets

Panel Grooves & Corner Pegs

By applying simple design touches such as a square corner peg or a delicate panel groove treatment, you can take your kitchen to a different level of design sophistication. These treatments can be applied to any door in the kitchen…or all of them!

  • prestwick

    G-012 Panel Grooves

    Specify distance between grooves

  • ardmore

    G-015 Panel Grooves

    Specify distance between grooves

  • Shown in Natural Maple w/Caramel Glaze

    G-056 Panel Grooves

    Specify distance between grooves

  • woodford

    G-121 Panel Grooves

    Specify distance between grooves


  • Amesbury w_pegs

    Square Corner Pegs

    5/16″ flat, flush corner peg in Walnut.

  • cottage

    Pyramid Pegs

    Raised pyramid peg, Walnut. For finished doors, customer inserts the peg themselves.

MEasurement Instructions

This guide is for measuring for your new doors and drawer fronts if you are keeping the same sized doors.

Need instructions for a different door size? Visit our complete Door Measuring page.

1: Prepare to Measure

Take a photo of each section of cabinets, including all sides of any islands or peninsulas.

Next, number each of the doors and drawer fronts in the photos. 

2: Create a List & Begin to Measure

Create a numbered list for all of the doors and drawer fronts in your photos. This helps us communicate with you about the items, and will help you install them correctly when they are delivered.

Begin measuring your existing doors and drawer fronts, noting width followed by height. For each door specify whether you want the hinging on the left or right (in some cases it could even be top).


Below is a small example of our complete range of material & finish options. To see a more complete selection, go to our Materials & Finishes page. We offer 16 woods, alternative materials and thousands of possible color/material combinations!

Painted Wood & MDF

Painted finishes are the most popular options we sell and are available on all wood, Wood/MDF combination, or all MDF door styles. See more options here

  • Arctic White

    Arctic White

  • 2013_Designer_White

    Designer White

  • Frosty White

    Frosty White

  • 2013_Crystal_white_Oyster

    Crystal White

  • 2017_Hard_Maple_Antique_White

    Antique White

  • 2016_hard_maple_heron


  • 2015_hearthstone_grey_white

    Hearthstone Grey

  • 2014_Cadet_Grey

    Cadet Grey

  • 2014_metro_grey

    Metropolitan Grey

  • 2016_hard_maple_marina


  • 2016_regent_blue

    Regent Blue

  • 2016_Canyon


Hard Maple

Below are just some examples of stains and stain/glaze combinations on Hard Maple. See more options here

  • 2015_hard_maple_natural


  • 2016_hard_maple_nickel


  • 2015_Hard_Maple_Ashen_Sable

    Ashen w/Sable Glaze

  • 2013_Hard-Maple_Autumn_Brown

    Autumn w/Brown Glaze

  • 2013_Hard_Maple.Alpine


  • 2015_hard_maple_dark_roast

    Dark Roast

  • 2013_Hard_Maple_Colonial_Pewter

    Colonial w/Pewter Glaze

  • 2013_hard_maple_trutone_english_toffee_brown

    English Toffee (Spray Stain)

  • 2013_Hard_Maple_Bordeaux_Sable

    Bordeaux w/Sable Glaze

  • 2013_hard_maple_nutmeg_brown

    Nutmeg w/Brown Glaze

  • 2015_hard_maple_portabella


  • 2015_hard_maple_saddle



Below are just some examples of stains and stain/glaze combinations on cherry. See more options here

  • 2013_cherry_natural

    Natural (clear)

  • 2013_Cherry_Colonial


  • 2013_cherry_harvst_brown

    Harvest w/Brown Glaze

  • 2013_cherry_natural_sable

    Natural w/Sable Glaze

  • 2013_Cherry_Driftwood


  • 2017_prism_cherry_moodyblue_onyx_heirloom

    Moody Blue (Custom Paint) w/Sable glaze and level 3 distressing

  • 2013_cherry_washington_brown

    Washington w/Brown Glaze

  • 2013_Cherry_Bordeaux


  • 2015_cherry_portabella


  • 2013_cherry_espresso


  • 2015_cherry_ginger_whitejpg

    Ginger w/White Glaze


Walnut is one of the prettiest woods you can find, especially for complimentary areas like islands and bathrooms. A few popular color options are shown below, see more options here

  • 2013_walnut_natural


  • 2013_Walnut_Colonial


  • 2013_walnut_natural_sable

    Natural w/Sable Glaze

  • 2013_Walnut_Driftwood


  • 2013_walnut_espresso_sable

    Espresso w/Sable Glaze

  • 2013_walnut_honey




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