Whether you’re creating your own design or commissioning the services of one of our designers, the first step in your process should be making a sketch of your existing space that includes all necessary measurements, openings, obstructions, and other important details. Take a look at the video below and we’ll guide you through the measurement & conceptual sketch process. For those who would rather read, the written instructions are further down the page.

Step 1: Draw Your Kitchen Walls

Draw all of the walls in your kitchen that will contain new cabinets. The walls don’t need to be to scale so you won’t need a ruler. Just draw the lines as straight as you can. When drawing, be sure to include any structural elements such as beams or pipe chases.
See example sketch

Step 2: Mark Your Openings

Mark all of the openings for things like doors, windows and pass-throughs. Be sure to include measurements for anything that will affect cabinet installation such as an electrical box, radiator, access panel, etc.
See example sketch

Step 3: Start Measuring

Label every wall section, opening, and obstacle with a letter and create a legend with all of the letters from your drawing. Then, measure every wall area, opening, and obstacle that you labeled. Be sure to measure to the outside of any trim moldings. Now complete your legend, noting the dimension next to each letter. IMPORTANT: Be sure to measure your ceiling height and note it at the bottom of the key. We will assume the ceiling height and all other dimensions are for finished drywall unless you tell us otherwise!
See example sketch

Step 4: Lay Out Your Basic Kitchen Footprint

Since you probably have a good idea of where you want your major appliances and your sink base cabinet, plot those items on your drawing. Since this design is only to get you started with a quote, there’s no need to show individual cabinets. Our designers will take care of that during the design process.
See example sketch

Step 5: Take Pictures

Take pictures of your existing kitchen, even if it’s new construction or demo has already started. It really helps our designers to “get into the space” and will result in a more realistic concept drawing.

Step 6: Gather Other Helpful Information

This step is optional, but if you have any supporting files feel free to send them along. Appliance specs, architectural drawings, and/or inspiration photos are all helpful and welcome!

All of this information should be sent to us via the form on our Design Services page. We’ll take it from there!


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