• All products are warranted for one year from date of purchase to the original purchaser.
  • This warranty is limited to defects in material or workmanship.
  • Conestoga’s (and therefore, CabinetJoint’s) warranty is limited solely to the value of the original materials purchased from Conestoga/CabinetJoint and is further limited to the purchase price paid for the materials. In summary, replacements are limited to the value of the damaged/poor quality product. Neither Conestoga nor Cabinet Joint will be responsible for extraneous materials, labor, travel costs, installation expenses or other related expenditures.
  • Damage or failure due to misuse, abuse, faulty installation, improper care and use, improper storage, acts of God or other circumstances out of our control are not covered under the warranty.
  • All warranty claims must be processed through The Cabinet Joint.

We get many questions from folks who are curious as to why Conestoga, a company who has pioneered woodworking and continued to lead after 50 years, would only offer a 1 year warranty when many of the Asian import brands offer a 10 year or even a lifetime warranty. Basically, they have to. When a product is inferior, a strong warranty is required peace of mind for the customer or the savings they experience would not be worthwhile. After over 10 years of selling Conestoga products, we have seen a warranty claim rate (due to poor workmanship, faulty finish, etc) of less than .5% (less than 1%) and Conestoga has never denied a claim or even fought us on one. They believe (as we do) that properly built cabinetry should last a lifetime, but any issues with it will manifest themselves in the first full year as the product acclimates to the 4 seasons and the relative humidity in the home. If something should happen after one year that is obviously not in keeping with high end cabinetry, Conestoga has always worked with us.

To contrast this with the import brands, we have carried a half dozen of them in the past and have found that, even with their better warranty, there were far too many problems that they had to rectify, even if it were under warranty. Virtually every job would result in flawed finishes, cracked doors, warped plywood, peeling veneers or faulty hardware. We determined that we would rather focus on selling Conestoga’s high end and bullet proof product with a lower warranty than the ‘bargain’ cabinets that gave our customers fits, but offered a longer warranty. When things don’t break or go bad, a longer lead time is fairly unnecessary.

If you have any questions about Conestoga or its warranties, give us a call. If you need peace of mind, check out GardenWeb.com, a forum where users like you openly discuss the fantastic quality and service of Conestoga versus the Asian imported cabinets.