A few years ago, the owners were inspired by a talk they heard by Chuck Blakeman. Chuck was imploring business owners to figure out what their “Big Why” was because simply producing or selling a product to make a profit was a lifeless and meaningless endeavor for any of us.

So the owners challenged the Cabinet Joint team: What makes you wake up in the morning? What big causes would you champion if you had money/time behind you? What wrongs would you try and right? How would you want to leave the world a better place than you found it? The ideas came in droves! The team was really excited about helping those less fortunate.

We then put together a team of employees who serve on a rotating basis. The owners do not have management of this team. Every month, a % of sales is placed into an account that this team manages. Their job is to work with their co-workers to identify needs and fund them with the money in the account. The needs can be regular support for an organization they believe in, individual/local/timely support for an emergency need (such as someone whose house burned down) or perhaps support for more large scale, one-time emergencies such as disaster relief.

The cause does not matter. What matters is that our team is actively involved in making the world better and has the support of the company and their team behind them. To learn more about the organizations we support and the relief trips we have taken, go to our “Change the World” page here.

One thought on “Our “Big Why” Campaign

  1. Making the world better on a grand scale is well beyond most peoples ability. Improvement is an accumulation of little things, we can do little things, I wake up because I care. I was blessed with more of every sort of attribute than almost everybody else. It’s easy for me to make people happier & it’s fun, Making smiles is fun. It’s my job! Tickling humanity is an endless activity. ALL of humanity. No such thing as boredom here.

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