hinge boring
  • Boring consists of a 35mm diameter hole, 13.5mm deep with a 2.5mm tab dimension from the edge of the door.
  • Insert holes are 8mm in diameter, 11.9mm deep, located 9.5mm from the center of the 35mm bore to the center of the 8mm insert bore.
  • Specify with or without insert holes.
  • Doors 9″- 42″ long receive two bores.
  • Doors 42-1/16″ – 72″ receive three bores.
  • Doors 72 -1/16″ and longer receive four bores with center holes set 25″ in from each end.
  • Boring available on the following edge profiles only: B-2, CFP-2, L-034, L-059, L-149, L-281, L-297, L-803, LC-2, LC-Inset, Machine Edge, PRS-2 and V-2. Not available with rabbeted or partial inset edge profiles.
  • Concealed hinge boring is available on inset/prefit doors.
  • Pattern “A” with or without insert holes, Machine Edge only.

Pattern “A” accommodates the following hinge models:

  • Blum: Compact 33, 38C, 38N and 39C series
  • Grass: Tech, 300 and 3000 Series
  • Amerock: CM2042
  • Mepla: ACC162 (screw-in version)
  • Salice: “S” Series
  • Hettich: TB and Optimat TB Series
  • Ferrari: ET60/64, ET70, ET87 and E50/51
  • Custom boring locations available. Specify dimension from top or bottom edge of door to center of cup locations.