• Wainscot panels can be ordered to match most door styles that Conestoga offers. Each wainscot panel is custom made to meet your exact size, panel and framing specifications.
  • Wainscot panels are typically constructed with multiple panels and/or wide bottom rails.
  • When ordering wainscot products, specify all rail and stiles widths, including center framing pieces. Framing width of the wainscot panel will match the standard framing width of the door design requested unless otherwise noted by customer.
  • Dimensioned sketches are preferred with each order to ensure correct order entry.
  • Contact Special Designs if wainscot panels are over 119″ in width or height, or for wainscot products that require more than five panels.
  • Alder, Bamboo and Walnut cannot be ordered over 95-3/4″ in length due to lumber availability.
  • Stiles or rails over 2-5/16″ in width may utilize framing material containing one or more glue joints. Number of glue joints is dependent on the overall width and length of the framing in question.
  • Finished wainscot panels will have only the face and all exterior edges stained and top coated. The back of the panel will receive only a clear coat of sealer unless “Finished Back” option is requested.