Wood Conditioner

Hybrid Door/Drawer Front Preparation

  • Hybrid doors and drawer fronts consist of 5-piece construction utilizing solid wood framing with MDF panels. The MDF panel eliminates stave to stave glue lines that are sometimes visible after painting solid wood panels, as well as veneer seams and splits in plywood panel products.
  • The Hybrid Panel Prep & Seal Option eliminates the problematic step of sealing MDF panels in an assembled door. This option is especially recommended for products utilizing raised panels.
  • This Prep & Seal option consists of the application of a sealant on the machined areas of the panel. After curing, the sealant is scuff sanded to provide a smooth, finish ready surface. Normal prep sanding of the solid wood framing is still necessary.
  • The Hybrid Panel Prep & Seal Option is valid only with unfinished doors and drawer fronts.
  • Hybrid products finished by Conestoga now include this option.

Wood Conditioner Option

  • Sanding methods used to sand the face of contoured miter framing differs from how center panels are sanded. Depending on specie and finish combinations chosen, stains sometimes absorb quite differently between components resulting in a picture frame effect.
  • To minimize color contrast between framing and panels, Conestoga developed a process to apply a wood conditioning agent to the face of contoured miter framing and select crown and trim mouldings. The result is a more uniform finished appearance between components.
  • The Wood Conditioner Option is limited to select Hard Maple and Soft Maple mitered designs and specific crown and trim mouldings finished by Conestoga.
  • Eligible finishes include Autumn, Chestnut, Colonial, Cordovan, Ginger, Harvest Gold, Honey and Washington Cherry wiping stains.