Across the last few decades, a stylish kitchen was a simple kitchen. White walls, white subway tile backsplashes, gentle gradations between browns and grays, but nothing too drastic. Since the twenties began, dramatic design has eked its way out of the living room, where it used to be contained in ornate area rugs and kitschy tchotchkes, to the kitchen. In 2022 the CJ Kitchens of the Year (KOTY) incorporated high contrast color schemes and were evaluated by onlookers on their “drama”. In 2023, some of the year’s rising trends were quirky, fun design elements like unique backsplashes, accent pendant lighting, and decorative cabinet pulls. 2024 brings more color to the cabinets and warmer-toned appliances and hardware in the kitchen. In short: maximalism is on the rise.

5 Ways to Amp Up Your Design

An article written by Michelle Yee for Luxe Interiors + Design instructs how to achieve the right maximalist aesthetic for you by choosing the correct wallpaper for your home. Let’s get right into some of the key takeaways and tips!

1. Incorporating Theatrical Themes

Wallpapers like this laundry room’s stark geometric print can add a lot of personality to your space.

Sometimes the drama is in the fine print, and other times the print is so fine it’s dramatic. Wallpaper can bring the right amount of personality and moodiness to your kitchen, especially in bold geometric prints, bright botanicals, or even murals. Let it take up space in your home, including on your ceiling, for drama so delectable the whole town will talk about it.

2. Keeping Your Kitchen Organic

You don’t have to be a plant fanatic to appreciate the serenity that nature-inspired decor can bring to your home. Textured wallpapers or ones made from natural fibers such as cork, grasscloth, or hemp, will add visual interest to your space without compromising your room’s tranquility. In our current twenties style revival, organic materials in the home are rising in popularity, and wallpaper is a great place to start.

3. Going Green (and Blue)

Green and blue verdant wallpapers like the one incorporated in this nook can add visual interest without disrupting the serenity of your home.

It’s not so bad to get the blues, at least when they look so good in your home design. Incorporate verdant patterns or artful wallpapers depicting pastoral scenes in greens and blues to spruce up your next home renovation project. A space with nature-inspired colors and patterns is as comforting as it is on trend.

4. Merging Metallics

With golds and warm-toned hardware on the rise in kitchen interior design trends, metallic wallpapers are a natural next step. Your home will make an opulent statement adorned with metallic wallpaper. Coordinate with your cabinet pulls and knobs and other kitchen accessories for a style as decadent as the meals you will make and share there.

5. Making Murals a Part of Your Meals

Your kitchen is an opportunity to have your own private island. Make it your own by using it as a space for art-inspired wallpapers, such as ones with a mural. As kitchen islands become larger and larger in size in accordance with rising design trends, your canvas for designer wallpaper grows! Featured in Yee’s original article is an elegantly antique kitchen by Lisa Reece (on Instagram at @callsigndesign) which employs Cabinet Joint cabinets as well as a mural entitled The Voyageur– totally worth checking out and adding to your inspiration board! Additionally, the backsplash is also a great place to accessorize with murals, or even the ceiling for a true maximalist look.

Whether a more simple kitchen style is your taste or if the average person’s accent piece is your go-to, wallpaper is a well-kept secret to transform your kitchen with flair.

Embracing Maximalism

Whether a more simple kitchen style is your taste or if the average person’s accent piece is your go-to, wallpaper is a well-kept secret to transform Maximalism may not be for everyone, but as we settle into the zeitgeist of the 2020’s, panache and pizzazz are becoming more of a welcome staple to every home. For DIY enthusiasts, the creative opportunities available to experiment with are inexhaustible. And for us at Cabinet Joint, our eagerness to see what you do with them is equally limitless.  For more inspiration and to keep up-to-date with the home renovation projects of our talented visionary customers, make sure to follow our Instagram account, @cabinetjoint, and check back to our blog page for articles on exciting collaborations, trends, and design insights.

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