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Access New Heights of Style

Don’t acquiesce to styles you don’t love… “Access” ones you do!

In all the literature surrounding frameless cabinetry, no adjective is used so much as modern. We are guilty of this also– what other word so succinctly describes the spacious functionality of full-access cabinetry, especially when it comes in such a sleek, seamless construction as our new line, Access by Cabinet Joint? 

It is true that these are not your parents’ cabinets. It is also true that their modernity extends to their ability to enhance any room in your house functionally and visually– not just your futuristic science fiction-themed bathroom. Be careful not to write off the frameless cabinet as “too modern” for a rustic, country-style kitchen or “too sleek” for your highly-patterned, colorful cooking area. Sure, they may not have the farmhouse heritage of inset cabinetry or the familiar framing of an overlay. Frameless cabinets can’t replace the tradition of the others. They are a different option, one that offers unrestricted access to its contents and the ability to stow away more of your belongings in the same amount of space. Despite– or maybe by way of– this ultra-simplistic, seamless, slab door design, the choices of wood style and finishes all tailor the big energy of the frameless cabinet to your personal taste. Let’s explore how frameless can fit into your unique style, whatever that may be.

Traditional, Farmhouse, Rustic

A lighter, more muted wood look for cabinetry calls to mind the kitchens of our grandparents– soft, natural, enduring. Though your kitchen will have the familiar feel of the kitchens you grew up in, full-access space would ensure you don’t end up with your grandparents’ storage problems. For an ultra heritage-rich look, employing predominantly base cabinetry will not only harken back to the days when kitchens relied on freestanding furniture but will also present modern storage solutions that maximize your space and the utility of your kitchen well into senior years, so you can age in place. Besides, base cabinet heavy kitchens are not only good for seniors, but the smaller helpers as well.

black modern kitchen cabinets
Bold black cabinets in a bright kitchen
Modern, Bold, Minimalistic

Many of us probably hear the word modern or minimalistic and think of a cold space with sterile counters and no personality. However, an uncluttered and intentional space can help to highlight a few key chosen pieces that draw out the character of a room. A set of sleek black or white frameless cabinets, for instance, has a gravitas in any space, let alone one where few decorations and patterns busy the eye. Seamlessly bringing the room together while also serving as an accent piece, full-access cabinetry in a monochromatic scheme will add personality and functionality to your space– establishing it as the kitchen all your friends will want to gather into and fill up with fabulous treats and laughter.

Classic, Elegant, Academic

If your ideal home is one with leather armchairs, the smell of old books, and the clinking of glasses in cheerful celebration, you might also find delight in being surrounded by the look of dark wood cabinetry. Made to look better with time like everything else you collect, the smooth but grained surface of your storage adds depth to your rooms. In the study, they hold your endless book collection. In the living room, your record player and pictures of all your loved ones find an attractive new home. Against a bold tile floor and highlighted by both recessed lighting and a pendant light to add fascination, your kitchen will have that upmarket ambiance your home craves.

dark frameless cabinets with bronze hardware
A Modern Take on Classic Cabinetry
Natural, Introspective, Elemental

Your hope for your home is that all who enter are overcome with a sense of peace. That your rooms wouldn’t only inspire action, but contemplation, introspection. For a space that grounds a wandering mind after a high-intensity day, a neutral color scheme could be the right choice for your home. Wide, simplistic cabinetry in earthy tones, such as an olive green or a warm, sandy beige, can define the organic tone of your space. This calming atmosphere can be enhanced by elemental and natural touches– a stone backsplash, minimal hardware, lots of natural light– all of which will culminate in a space that leaves you room to think and decompress.

Bright, Colorful, Eccentric

Your style is oriented around joy and rejuvenation. All your favorite colors have a place in your home– in your kitchen, a pearlescent or brightly-patterned backsplash draws your eyes here while bold hand towels and pottery in your flavor of the month attract the eyes there. However, there is no debate for the true focal point of attention. Finished in your favorite color or black for a dramatic, contrasting effect– the personality-rich cabinetry in this kitchen calls attention but its simplistic frameless design maintains the delicate equilibrium of your space. With the help of its extensive but somewhat muted glamor, you have the freedom to whirl around and alternate all your favorite colors, day after day, keeping your home like the kaleidoscope you want to live in.

light green kitchen with modern slab cabinets
Bright green modern kitchen
Warm, Welcoming, Bright

Your friends and loved ones would describe the atmosphere of your home as comforting. Sunny. Big, bright windows in every room: natural light is a prerequisite in your home, and lots of simply adorned, light-colored spaces for sunshine to ricochet off of. You aren’t scared of the occasional pop of color, either, whether that comes in the form of family photo-lined shelves or a more daring blue or green cabinetry. In your kitchen, bright walls and counter spaces keep the room glowing, whether you opt for lively hues on your frameless cabinets or a light-colored wood look. Whatever festivities you can cook up in your home, guests will feel invited to join by the airy, welcoming character of your rooms.

Any Other Incredible Idea You May Have…

…There is a frameless cabinet waiting to help complete. No matter your individual tastes and styles, the ways you want your rooms to come to life, full-access cabinetry can be an asset to your space. From looks to utility, the dressing up and application of this storage option can be tailored to your needs. In the capable hands of Cabinet Joint customers, there is no limit to what can be accomplished with a few key customizing choices. Whether inset cabinetry has your heart or full-access cabinetry could accomplish your dream space, we’re excited to see what you come up with– even that futuristic, science-fiction themed bathroom would inspire nothing short of awe. 
If any of these style descriptions or ideas have spurred your interest in creating a spectacular new space in your home, get involved in frameless by filling out a quote form on our Access website and stay up-to-date with customer design feats, style inspo, and Cabinet Joint news by following our Instagram account, @cabinetjoint!

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