Inside corners have a 1/16″ radius

1/2″ framing

Square bead

10SQF3 cross section

Available Profiles

Edge Profiles:B2, C2, L034, LC2, L059, L149, L253, L382, L686, L803, L1160, Machine Edge, PRS2, V2
Framing Beads:Design specific
Panels Raises:Design specific
Available Profiles PDF

Available Design Options

Mullion/Frame only Doors:Order as 10SQF2 with 5/32" recess
Wainscot Panels:yes
Pegs and Grooves:no
Appliance Panels:yes
Door Frame Modifications:n/a
Hinges/Hinge Boring:Yes - Hinge boring is automatic when ordered with RTA cabinets, but no hinging can be requested. If ordering doors only, hinging must be specified.
Design Options PDF