CRP-10 (MDF)

The CRP-10 is Conestoga’s (CWS) most traditional square raised panel door. This door is available with an assortment of edge profiles, framing beads, & panel raises. In order to make this door optimal for painted finishes, CWS created the CRP-10 (MDF) door. This square panel door features five-piece mortise & tenon joinery and is constructed of full MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). If you desire a painted finish on a traditional door design, then consider the CRP-10 (MDF).

  • Available in painted MDF using any of our Colortone (CWS) paints, custom Prism (Sherwin Williams) paint collection, or in Primer (customer to paint).
  • Also available in raw, unfinished (none – finished by customer) MDF.

The cross-section below is an example of how your door will look, but any profiles you choose will determine the final look of your door.




Door Design CRP10
Panel Raise G-Cove
Framing Bead Regular
Edge Profile L-149
Specie MDF
Finish Hearthstone Grey
Drawer Front Design CRP10
Drawer Front Panel Raise G-Cove


Available Profiles

Edge Profiles:B-2, C-2, H-2, L-034, L-059, L-149, L-253, L-382, L-686, L-803, L-1160, LC-2, ME (Machined Edge), PRS-2, & V-2.
Framing Beads:All 3/4" profiles available.
Panels Raises:All 3/4" profiles available, except the P-106.
Available Profiles PDF

Available Design Options

Mullion/Frame only Doors:All available. (note: Paint Grade Hard Maple used for mullion lite strips and #52, #906, & #907 glass retainer moldings.)
Wainscot Panels:Yes
Pegs and Grooves:Grooves - All available.
Appliance Panels:Yes - Apply over 1/4" MDF panel.
Door Frame Modifications:Width modifications are available.
Hinges/Hinge Boring:Yes - Hinge boring is automatic when ordered with RTA cabinets, but no hinging can be requested. If ordering doors only, hinging must be specified.
Design Options PDF