The new RutlandMT features a 5/8” wide beveled framing bead on 2-11/16” wide framing. Available with both solid wood and plywood center panels, each design offers a matching drawer front.

Door Design RutlandMT
Panel Raise Reverse G-Cove
Framing Bead Design Specific
Edge Profile Machine Edge
Specie unknown
Finish unknown
Drawer Front Design RutlandMT
Drawer Front Panel Raise P-057

Available Profiles

Edge Profiles:Any
Framing Beads:Standard as shown
Panels Raises:Any 3/4 raises
Available Profiles PDF

Available Design Options

Mullion/Frame only Doors:Yes
Wainscot Panels:Yes
Pegs and Grooves:Panel grooves only
Appliance Panels:Yes
Door Frame Modifications:Yes
Hinges/Hinge Boring:Yes
Design Options PDF