New Customer Service Support Form

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In an effort to stream line our communications and responses to customers, we have developed a customer support request form where folks who have purchased from us can request a replacement (for any reason: Your… More »

RTA Cabinet Quote Process

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One of the bigger frustrations many folks have with the Conestoga cabinet line is that there is no good way to request a simple price quote. Up until now, we kind of ‘pushed’ customers to… More »

New Videos have arrived!

Check out our new videos on the following topics. Links are with them as well… Inset cabinet ends: When ordering inset cabinets, customers often want the ends of the cabinets (and backs of islands, etc)… More »

Spring Promotional! March Madness!

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Our first ever Conestoga Cabinet sales promotional is ON, starting Sat March 15th! No, Conestoga is not sanctioning this promotional, we are just excited about a great product and want to see folks save on… More »


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Check out our newly added videos which include: Installing hinges for inset cabinets (including soft close device) Inset drawer glide installation Kitchen layout Apron sink base cabinet Shimming base cabinets for flooring And many more!… More »

Conestoga Product Updates for 2014!

As is the norm for Conestoga, they continue to innovate and evolve both their custom product offering as well as their flagship RTA cabinet product line. Here is a brief summary of some of the… More »

Conestoga Introduces Media Cabinets!

  Conestoga has recently announced the addition of several Media/Entertainment cabinets to its line of Home Office/Entertainment RTA cabinets. These cabinets are ideal to house your electronic components and are wide enough or even the… More »

Check out our new Videos page!

  On September 25th, we added a link in the main menu bar to our videos page which will showcase many different things about our RTA cabinets including assembly tips, hinge and glide installation, product… More »

Tell us about your Conestoga experience!

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Have you recently purchased Conestoga cabinets? Tell us what you thought about the assembly! What tips and tricks can you share with other users? Let out your ‘inner craftsman’ and tell our site visitors what… More »

Remodeling is on the rise!

According to recent studies, remodeling is at its highest level in over 7 years! It appears that homeowners are confident that their home values are rebounding and are anxious to begin remodeling again to improve… More »