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With the ever growing library of videos, we get many calls from customers asking where to get the things they see us using in the assembly, upfit and installation of the cabinets. As a way to better serve our customers, we have developed an Affiliate relationship with Amazon to bring you the best deals on tools, screws & fasteners, jigs, adhesives, hinges & hardware, books & software and so much more. You can access the item right from the Amazon link on our page and be directed right to Amazon to check out through their secure payment process. Amazon handles all the fulfillment and ships the items right to your door. You pay no more by clicking the ad on our web site than you would by going to Amazon and having to search for the item. The benefit to us is we do receive a small (very small) commission on sales the originate from our web site. So, if you plan on buying these items anyway, and if it costs you nothing extra, why not consider buying through our Amazon ad? It really helps us offset the cost of producing the video content (content which, we would like to point out, no other Conestoga re-seller comes close to offering).

We hope you at least find the product assortment helpful as you plan what you will need to build, install and remodel your kitchen or bathroom!

Here is the link to the new page which is also accessible via the top menu, main menu and ‘Product’ footer menu…Enjoy!

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