CWS Blind Corner

Conestoga Introduces a Corner Cabinet that’ll Open Your Eyes to Awesome Storage Design

Conestoga Wood has taken a fresh look at the corner cabinet and, ironically, they’re kicking their new vision off with their freshly designed blind cabinets.

Some variation of a corner cabinet configuration has been used in millions of American kitchens. And Conestoga is always looking for new and better ways to make that corner sing. The Blind Base Redesign and new Blind Base Full Door cabinets are proof positive.

Conestoga has redesigned their blind corner cabinets to offer additional size customization. These units are now easier to design with because they now offer both dedicated right and left blind sections. Both are fully customizable – width, height, and depth. Their new base full door blinds are perfect for deep corner access accessories such as LeMans II swing out units that optimize cabinet storage space.

Conestoga is all about beauty, quality and, of course, practicality. They are constantly challenging themselves to make sure they are offering maximum storage utility because, after all, isn’t that the bottom line when it comes to what cabinetry is intended for? And they are not done yet! Stay tuned for even more innovative corner storage innovations.

For more on how Conestoga never cuts corners on corners, contact your Cabinet Joint Cabinet Coach!

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