One of the most intriguing uses of corner space has always been a corner pie cut drawer base. The problem is, this complex cabinet has historically been reserved for high-end custom manufacturers. RTA cabinet companies had not engineered a way to effectively build such a cabinet. All that changed when Conestoga set out to create their Base Corner Pie Cut 3 Drawer cabinet. Released in early 2020, this cabinet creates a whole new method of dealing with tough corner space. Historically, most folks would use a traditional base lazy susan where the deep corner is accessible by using the rotating trays. And while this is still the most common, practical and inexpensive way to handle corner space, it’s not the most efficient.

With the Base Corner Pie Cut 3 Drawer cabinet (BCP3D), the customer gets 3 drawer boxes that are pie cut to mirror the 90 degree corner. The drawer boxes themselves are pie cut and Conestoga sends the drawer fronts as 2 “halves” that the customer installs on the drawer boxes during the final fit up.

We recently had a job go through our shop where we had to build one for the first time. You can check out the video below. We learned a few valuable tricks to assembling this massive cabinet which should really shorten your learning curve. Here are a few of the things we observed:

  • Assemble the cabinet “face down” by joining the face frames together first. This is opposite of how Conestoga traditionally recommends a pie cut cabinet be made. It results in a much tighter assembly for any pie cut cabinet.
  • They use some vertical panels for holding the drawer glides parallel. These were slick with all the locator holes perfectly placed to line the drawer tracks up with the drawer opening. Be sure to install the drawer glides BEFORE you install those panels! It prevents you from having to crawl inside the cabinet to attach them afterwards.
  • The toe box platform is a loose assembly so that you can turn the cabinet sideways to get it into the house. This is a massive cabinet and you really need to plan on a door at least 32″ opening to get the cabinet (turned sideways) into the kitchen. In our assembly, Conestoga forgot to ship us the dowels, so we just screwed the platform together. The dowels are not necessary, but would have been nice to have.
  • Attaching the drawer fronts to the drawer boxes was the hardest trick. The old standby of using double backed tape does not work in this situation. Instead, you need to first join the drawer front ‘halves’ together with some brads and then measure from the bottom of the drawer box (installed) to where the bottom of the drawer front will be. Then,  place

2 thoughts on “Check Out Conestoga’s New Base Corner Pie Cut 3 Drawer Cabinet!

  1. very well done, my question is can i have one installed in a already built cabinet with a lazy Susan . I would like to convert it to your style. I live in Victoria Texas and would like more information on how to order them and how to get them installed. And if you can give me a approximate cost. thanks

    1. No, unfortunatley this would not be possible for us to do as a remote company. You may want to talk to a local contractor or woodworker to see if they can figure out a way to make it happen and what items they need to make/order.

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