Check out the new products Conestoga has introduced for Fall 2016! New colors, new door designs, new cabinet options and more! If you have any questions at all, feel free to call one of our sales associates for details!




2 thoughts on “Conestoga Introduces New Products and Options for Fall 2016!

  1. Can you send me a catalog of your products, especially door styles. We are interested in the new lament
    cabinet fronts going for the sleek , European look. We are remodeling a small condo in Chicago. You come highly recommended.

    Thank you.
    David and Elizabeth Porter
    1738 Cheyenne Court
    Maryville, Tn. 37801

    1. David,

      Conestoga does not really have one complete door catalog. They have an 8 page brochure with an assortment of their popular woods, then they have sell sheets with examples of some of the non-wood products like the decorative laminate veneer or the Strata materials. I am not sure what ‘lament’ is, I think you may be referring to ‘Laminate’? They have a specification/product manual for customers which is a huge, 3″ thick hardbound manual, but that is $60. So, I think the better thing to do is let me know exactly what product door ‘styles’ you are interested in so I can determine what to send you. Then, I can send over PDF’s of the brochures for free. I would need your email address to do so, so just email us at and I can send over some things once we determine what you are after. Just to be clear, the products like decorative laminate doors and Strata doors do not go on our RTA cabinets. THey are sold to cabinet shops who build their own frameless cabinets out of the same laminate material. So, if you are looking for a full RTA cabinet project with Conestoga, the laminate products will not work for you as the cabinets are face frame style and not made out of the same laminate material, they are using painted or stained wood to match the painted or stained doors/drawer fronts/moldings, etc.

      To summarize, if you can let me know more precisely what you are looking for, I can try and get you some of the sell sheets (full color) and/or PDFs via email. We don’t really get in to shipping costly catalogs as they charge us for them. You may also want to check out the Conestoga web site at as it may have more pictures of doors and materials we dont promote on our web site since those products dont go well on the RTA cabinets.

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