Do you have a job that requires a matching or complementary stain color on your cabinetry? Are there installed cabinets in the home that need a replacement door but time has aged them and they no longer match the original color? These questions are just a few examples to which Conestoga’s custom wiping stain program could be the answer.

Finish color can be as critical as the kitchen or bath design to today’s consumer. Through Conestoga’s Custom Stain Matching program, a plethora of colors become accessible to use on your cabinet components on a wide array of wood species. Their in-house Finishing Lab works arduously to match the color you need to help create the ideal kitchen.

When the physical sample (not a photo or copied image) arrives at their lab, technicians match the sample on the specified wood specie(s) and assign an alphanumeric code that is linked exclusively to your color. A sample will be created on a 12″ x 12″ panel.  A section of the panel will be sent to you for approval, and the remainder of the panel will be retained by Conestoga to reliably match future jobs that you place in this color. Since the information is on file, your exclusive color code should be referenced on any future orders placed for that stain color.

Please note, color matching program matches stains only with an option of 15° or 40° topcoat sheens. Cabinet Joint only accepts custom color jobs on full kitchen orders and we reserve the right to decline to match if we or Conestoga are not able to take it on based on volume. A $300 fee is charged to color match and refunded if we are unable to procure an acceptable match. Any jobs using that color will price as “complex” stains and therefore will receive a higher per piece finishing cost than their standard stains.

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