Removing a face frame from a cabinet that already been assembled

8 thoughts on “Removing a Front Frame From an Assembled Cabinet

  1. Use a heat gun to get the glue in the joint up to 150F and the glue will let go. Got this tip from Titebond.

    1. Hey Bradley, Thank you for your comment. Getting the internal glue to warm up to 150F means the external temps would be much, much higher, thereby possibly damaging the finish or causing the joints on the frame to let go as well. While you are welcome to try it, we have not tested this and would not recommend this method to the average assembler. Have a great day!

  2. If the cabinets being reframed are installed, should I try to remove the cabinet before removing the frame? The cabinets have been in place since 1970 so I have no idea how the frames are attached. Your advice on this is greatly appreciated. Did I mention GREATLY appreciated?

    1. The manner we describe to get the frame off is for OUR cabinets, not face frame cabinets in general. Be very careful, following our procedure on any other cabinets could tear the cabinet apart or crack the frame as you try to get it off.

    1. Hey JP, thanks for your question. Each situation is different, so I recommend contacting the sales rep, from whom you’ve purchased, for insight regarding your specific project. Thx!

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