This video shows the full Blum Tandem installation for standard 18, 21 and 24 deep cabinets. We cover the installation of the brackets, glides, and handles for overlay and inset cabinets and also cover the new Pilot hole option (jig is discontinued). The Inset mounting bracket is also covered. – Installing Blum Tandem Drawer Glides

To jump to a specific topic, just forward to the time stamps noted below for each section of the video:

1. Tools required – 01:16
2. Installing the Orange Release Handles – 02:50
3. Installing the metal Brackets at rear of cabinet – 05:15
4. Install Glide rails for Overlay Cabinets – 07:30
5. INSET: Installing the Mounting Brackets – 10:25
6. INSET: Installing the glide rails – 13:23
7. Installing the rear brackets if you don’t have Pilot Holes – 15:45

18 thoughts on “Blum Tandem Installation – Overlay and Inset. Features New Pilot Holes

  1. Summer 2019 order has Blum drawer slides but no pan head screws. All screws are now shipping as stove head. They still seem to work adequately for both the brackets to the cabinet and the orange release handles.

    1. since that video was shot, they have redesigned things so the drawer box does not rub the new stove head screws.

  2. Something I ran into with the prep false door option is that the pilot holes for the glide bracket are too far in to match the distance from the side panel to the inside of the front frame drawer opening. So the bracket needs to be mounted flush (rather than the standard 1/2 inch gap) to the cabinet side with the false door for the glide to be straight.

    1. Hey Chris, Thanks for your comment. You are correct. When using the Prep False Door cabinet option, the cabinet side is moved toward the interior of the cabinet by about 1/2″ (to provide enough space on the side to accept a 3/4″ thick panel and still hide behind the 1-1/2″ face frame stile). The Blum Tandem glides have an ‘L’ shaped glide carriage and it can be secured to the cabinet side using one of the many available screw holes. Have a great day!

    1. Hey Sheri, We do address this at mark-15:45 in the video. Thanks for your comment – have a great day!

  3. Thanks for the help in this video. As a suggestion, It would be nice to have instructions on how to mark holes when there are not pilot holes, but BEFORE the cabinet is assembled. Is that 3/4” from the side if the back panel? Placing the brackets in the back before assembly is super nice. In fact, I think you should advise people to do that. It is far better than doing it after the cabinet is ass,emblems, even better than putting it in its back.

    I had 2 cabinets with 4 drawers – 2 equal height and 2 side by side on the top row. There were no pilot holes, even though this is one of the standard cabinets. I had to wait until the cabinet was assembled to mark the 1/2” from the sides. But instructions on how to measure for the guides in the middle of the cabinet would be SO helpful. It took me close or an hour to figure out how to get it right. Is there some distance from the center line, or some other calf that you advise? Please add this to the video. Thanks.

    1. Tip: Lay the front frame on the cabinet back. They are the same size. The bracket sits level with the front frame, so mark the bottom and outer edge of each frame opening that gets a drawer with a light pencil line (left side pencil mark will look like an “L”, right side pencil mark will look like a backwards “L”). Remove the frame. Since the face frame hangs past the cabinet interior side by 3/4″, we know that the bracket needs to sit 1/4-3/8″ inside the vertical pencil line and level with the bottom pencil line (I would favor the 3/8″ as we have always felt that the dimension Conestoga gives for the bracket placement is too far inward from the cabinet wall).

      Because we began putting the brackets on before assembly well after than video was shot, we dont reference some of the tips we learn and frankly we are so slammed we do not have time to keep reshooting the videos every time we have an idea. Is what it is! We are hoping in the coming years to reshoot all the videos, but its a massive undertaking.

  4. Hey Brian!

    Do all the drawer slides from Blum come with the brackets for the inset drawers or do you have to buy those from a 3rd party vendor?

    1. Hi Mauro, 
      Please contact your Cabinet Joint sales rep to help with the nuances of inset drawer glide hardware.
      We are unable to find your order information to connect you to the right rep. If you have purchased somewhere else we recommend contacting your supplier support. Thanks!

  5. The videos are life savers … You mentioned showing the solution when you order a custom draw orientation there are no pre-drilled holes. I didn’t see that in the video – please let me know the timeline where this is addressed.

  6. You mention that custom depth drawers do not use the rear brackets, they attach in a different way, but we are unable to find information on what that is. We have several shallower drawers which did not come with rear brackets and we are wondering how to install them. Any information would be appreciated.

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