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Tandem Glides – Updated

This video shows the full Blum Tandem installation for standard 18, 21 and 24 deep cabinets. We cover the installation of the brackets, glides, and handles for overlay and inset cabinets and also cover the new Pilot hole option (jig is discontinued). The Inset mounting bracket is also covered. – Installing Blum Tandem Drawer Glides

To jump to a specific topic, just forward to the time stamps noted below for each section of the video:

1. Tools required – 01:16
2. Installing the Orange Release Handles – 02:50
3. Installing the metal Brackets at rear of cabinet – 05:15
4. Install Glide rails for Overlay Cabinets – 07:30
5. INSET: Installing the Mounting Brackets – 10:25
6. INSET: Installing the glide rails – 13:23
7. Installing the rear brackets if you don’t have Pilot Holes – 15:45

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