Step by step assembly instructions of the tall utility cabinet. Brian also shares helpful tips on how to read your quote and when to install inset doors hinges.

4 thoughts on “Utility Cabinet (UC) Assembly

  1. I didn’t see you glue or nail the sides, top, or bottom of the cabinet to the front face. Did I miss something?

    1. Sides, top and bottom are glued prior to assembly, the cabinet back is glued and pinned to the cabinet body. We will look at the video to see if we missed showing that step and re-shoot as necessary. The other assembly videos definitely show the glue/pin operation and they all assemble the same way, so feel free to watch one of the other videos to see the process.

    1. Correct, the splines hold the frame to the cabinet box until the glue sets up. Clamps help on these larger cabinets, but not always necessary.

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