The Under Drawer Base Pull Out Cabinet is a great cabinet option where accessibility and stability are perfected, making for an excellent addition to your kitchen! This cabinet is all but identical to the Base Pull Out Full Door Cabinet aside from the drawer above, so make sure to watch that video (found below in the resources section) for assembly and installation instructions. Brian walks you through options, features and benefits when it comes to this particular cabinet. We hope you add this to your repertoire, and please reach out to your Cabinet Coach if you have any questions, comments, or need some clarity!



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Video Transcript

[Music] Hey everybody, Brian from Cabinet Joint. Today, we're talking about an under drawer base pullout unit. This isn't going to be so much of an assembly video—that's what you came here for—but I'm going to immediately refer you to the video in the description below that shows the installation of this exact same unit but in a full cabinet. The installation is no different, so there's really no sense in having a separate video. I'm going to refer you there. What I'm going to do in this video is just talk about some of the differences and some things to watch out for.

First thing we ran into on this installation, which I do not believe we talked about in the other video, is it's a 27-inch deep cabinet. That's the max depth you're going to be able to put this in. We had to move the bracket on the rear. When you watch the full assembly video, you'll see there's a vertical bracket on the back that keeps this thing vertically tilted correctly, and 27 inches is as deep as you'd want to go. So be aware of that if you're trying to go deeper; this pullout will not work.

It's available in 9 and 12-inch cabinets, which would mean a 6 or 9-inch opening. So, this is a 12-inch box with a 9-inch opening. You can vary it because of these tabs. If you watch the other video, there are some tabs that slide in and out that allow you to grab the frame on the door. So let's just say this was a 14-inch wide cabinet; you can still use this unit. It's just going to have a lot of space right here, and your tabs will be way out to catch the edge of the door. So be mindful of getting too big where these sliding brackets will not allow you to mount the door to the unit.

Another nuance to the assembly I want to bring to your attention is because there's a drawer up here and you have to do a lot of reaching down inside the cabinet, I would pop this drawer all the way out and set it off to the side. Keep the inside of the cabinet free and clear for you to move around because that rear bracket back there has to be mounted to the cabinet wall, and you want to be able to access it from above. This would be a very difficult unit to install once the countertop is on and having to work through the opening only. It would be a much more difficult unit to install. So keep that top open and keep your drawer out of there.

Aside from that, gang, it's the same exact pullout installation as you're going to see in the other video I referred you to. If you have any questions, always call your cabinet coach; they'll be happy to help you out. We do like these units because of this feature right here. They do not allow the cabinets to wiggle, but this unit is locked in because of that top rail that goes back and mounts to the cabinet back. This cannot twist, so when I shut it, my gap always remains consistent, and the door can't move, especially in an inset application and actually strike your front frame. It's locked in place, so it's a great unit. Both the full door version and this under drawer unit are great options for storage. So, we hope this helps. Give us a call if we can answer any questions for you. Thanks for [Music] watching.

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