Installing glass in glass prepped doors (NOTE: GLASS IS NOT INCLUDED WITH YOUR ORDER!)

10 thoughts on “Installing Glass

        1. Judi – this retainer moulding is included in any order that has frame-only doors. It’s not available for purchase unless you’ve placed an order with us.

    1. You would need to supply your own retention clips or use our wood molding (stained and painted to match) which needs to be pinned on. We do not offer a gasket for glass thicker than 1/8” to 3/16” max.

  1. Hi Brian, just to double check, it sounds like you say “this rubberized gasket molding only works with 1/8″ glass…” but then I see the responses to the other comments above.

    What is the maximum glass thickness that will work with the supplied clear gasket shown in this video?
    (not asking about a different gasket or stops that have to be pinned in)

    1. The other sizes people mentioned are barely thicker or thinner than 1/8”, so they will work. If you get thicker than 3/16”, the gasket will not be able to be pressed into the groove. I would not recommend glass thicker than 3/16”.

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