Hanging a cabinet door on the cabinet using an overlay cabinet as an example

8 thoughts on “Installing a Cabinet Door on a Wall Cabinet

  1. You show laying the cabinet down to attach the door but we were told not to put the doors on until the cabinets are up. So what is the best advice for putting on the doors?

    1. Just hold the door where you want it and screw the hinge to the frame, same as the ‘laying down’ process. Only real difference is you may need someone to help hold the door up while you screw the hinges on to the frame. Our installers will often mount a temporary plate to the bottom of the wall cabinet run and set the door on that to act as a set of hands. Uninstall the plate/jig when door mounting is complete.

    1. Hey Jonathan, thanks for your question. For 1/2″ overlay, you will hang the doors 1″ from the bottom of the face frame. Have a great day!

  2. For inset, how do you keep the door from closing into the cabinet? All my doors close too far.

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