This video shows the final step in installing your inset hinges: Snapping the door in place and adjusting it

2 thoughts on “Installing Inset Hinges: Part 3 – install the Door and Adjust

  1. Great videos on these hinges. THANK YOU for taking the time to show how it is done.

    I am building my first cabinets…… for the garage. This was a huge help. Will be tackling kitchen cabinets next.

    Quick question with these hinges – how much space do you need on the interior face frame to attach? I am building a 1 1/4″ face frame, 3/4″ thick boxes, with 2″ rale and stile shaker doors. That would give me 1/2″ room to attach the interior piece.

    Wondering if I should go 1-1/2″ on the face frame. That would give me 3/4″ to work with.

    Sincerely, Jeff

    1. Our cabinet systems use 1-1/2″ face frames and they leave 3/4″ of space on the back side of each face frame for the hinge hardware to attach. We cannot advise for any other configurations other than what we offer.

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