Designing with Conestoga’s Case Only (CSCO) Cabinet

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We're going to talk about oven cabinets in this video. Conestoga has 3 standard oven cabinets. Sometimes, these other cabinets don't do what the customer needs in terms of the appliances they're putting in. The normal ODA cabinet is one big opening for a double oven or 2 individual, or I should say 2 joint double ovens. The ODB cabinet has enough space for, it's a shorter opening, you can put a microwave over an oven combined. There's no midstrip on it.
The third one is an oven single where it's just a small opening for a single oven. But, when you have a situation like this where you have individual microwave and individual oven being built in you want that mid divider strip. They do not have an oven cabinet that meets that need.
One of the neat things Conestoga came out with about 6 months ago is called the Case Only Option. And, really it's got a whole lot more uses than just oven cabinets. But, we're going to show it in this application. In this case, the customer wanted an individual microwave and oven so what Conestoga does is they make a cabinet with a top, a bottom, a left and right side, and a back. And then they send along individual fixed floors. So, I've got one, two, three fixed floors that we put in however we want right behind the front frames using these cleats. So, you can move them anywhere you want. They're not dove-tailed into the cabinet sides the way a normal side is.
So, Jim can zoom in here. These are the cleats that come along with the cabinet. You get these platforms and you just pin, screw and glue these cleats to the cabinet side and then set your comp in there, or you're fixed floor and then pin it to that cleat. Now, you've got 3 individual platforms, again, can be moved any way you want.
Let's say you wanted to do a hutch, or a dresser and you wanted to make that dresser 65 inches tall. The case only option is available from, I believe it's 12 inches all the way up to 96, in very small increments. You can use a custom front frame to divide the configuration of that cabinet up any way you want.
So, in this case we did it as an oven cabinet. But, you can do it with a coffee center, and then double doors and a warming drawer at the bottom. It's really carte blanche, however you want to design the cabinet. It's in the back of the Tall Cabinets book. It gives you some good explanation there but, it's kind of a do all. It's like a Swiss army knife of tall cabinets. You can configure it any way you'd like.
If you have any questions, give us a call. But, don't fail to use this in your repertoire while you're designing. This can really get you out of some jams when the standard offering doesn't do the trick.

4 thoughts on “Designing with Conestoga’s Case Only (CSCO) Cabinet

  1. Can you build my whole kitchen w/o doors? I would like to use plywood and build (cut) my own door and drawer panels. Router the edges…

  2. Brian,
    Is is possible to use this Case Only option for a double oven, set at floor level, and then a microwave on top of the dbl ovens?

    1. You can certainly work with your sales rep on that and the case only is the right cabinet to create it, but in my estimation, it will put the microwave very high for the average user.

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