Assembling a tall Conestoga cabinet in the upright position (when you can’t stand the cabinet upright after assembly due to ceiling height restrictions)

4 thoughts on “Assembling a Tall Cabinet in Upright Position

  1. Easier said than done. It helps to put 2×4 spacer on wall so panels can be clamped. If wall isn’t plumb or flat, it’s quite impossible to seat the side panels.

    1. Hey Doc, Thank you for message! There are definitely some nuances to this type of assembly, and each situation will be different. You bring up a good point and a potential solution for others to consider – have a great day!

  2. Great video. I wont be able to spin my pantry cabinet because of a 1 in level change in the floor but still very helpful.

  3. I was worried that I’d need to assemble some tall cabinets upright, but I wasn’t sure. Then I asked myself….isn’t there some formula that helps determine if an assembled cabinet box can be raised up and clear the ceiling? There is! We learned it in high school:)…the Pythagorean theorem.
    a ² + b ² = c²
    Start with the height of your tall cabinet (say 91 inches) square that, which equals 8281
    Then square the lesser of the width or depth of your cabinet. Say 24 inches deep…squared is 576.
    Add those together and you get 8857. Now, take the square root √ of that number and you get 94.1116. You will need a ceiling that is 94.1116 inches tall to upright that assembled cabinet if you assembled it on the ground or on your workbench. That kept me from having to deal with an upright assembly. Good luck!

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