Conestoga allows you to create virtually any cabinet combination simply by ordering a custom face frame (and doors/fronts/boxes). This video explains how.

Video Transcript

With inset cabinets, one of the problems with inset cabinets you might find is, when you join multiple inset cabinets together, they come together with two rails meeting, which creates a three inch, upright middle rail with a seam between it. A lot of folks don’t like that, so wherever possible, all the way up to about 60 inches, you can order from Conestoga a cabinet case, and then we’ll do a custom front frame on that case and divide it any way you want it.
In this case, the customer wanted a tray cabinet next to a three door stack. They did not want to have two frames coming together with that seam, so we simply took a cabinet, which is a custom-sized base. It’s 37 wide, which is a non-standard width, 37 wide. Then then we ordered a custom front frame with a special door, the corresponding drawer fronts. You can see that we did a standard top, but then two equal-sized bottom drawers. That’s not standard with Conestoga. Usually it’s small, bigger, biggest.
There’s several things going on with this cabinet that, by doing a custom frame, allowed us to go ahead and do it as one big unit with that one upright divider. We’ll have to help you with that. We don’t expect you to send in all the specs on that. They come out with, kind of, a weird template code for doing these custom front frames. What does help us tremendously is if you can send us a sketch, just a sketch, of the configuration on how you want that frame done. We can size everything for you from them.
One thing to be aware of is, with the quote itself, when you get it, you’ve now taken one cabinet that was together on the quote and blown it across the whole quote, so you’re going to have a cabinet box price. There’s going to be a front frame price, all the doors and drawer fronts, and hinges, and slides will all price separately on the quote. It kind of makes the cabinet a little difficult to understand on the quote, but don’t be afraid. We can counsel you through what you’re actually going to get.
What we’re really trying to show you here is the capability Conestoga gives you to come up with some pretty unique cabinets that only a custom shop would normally be able to do for you.

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