Illustrates Conestoga’s new finished side option called ‘prep false door’ where a door panel can tuck up behind a face frame extension

2 thoughts on “Prep False Door Option

  1. Hi,
    I have a question about why you couldn’t do an inset door with the hinge borings on the opposite side of the prep false door end of the cabinet. It looks from your video as if the face frame is normal on that end of the cabinet. In other words, your prep side in the video is the right hand side. If you did a door that opens has a left hinge, wouldn’t it work as an inset?

    1. In theory, yes that would work. However, Conestoga, in an effort to keep cabinet customers from making a mistake from which there is no fix, do not allow us to even utilize the prep false side option on inset configurations. It is a ‘non-available’ option on inset unless the customer chooses ‘no hinges’ on their cabinets (point being, they are going to supply their own hinges that are not the concealed cup variety, but instead using a mortising or non-mortising butt hinge). All that said, if a customer is ordering inset, the only option we can provide for false sides is the one where we use a custom face frame and extend the stile by 3/4″ (see the video that describes this option for inset cabinet sides).

      Another point worth noting is that the pull out tray option is also not available when the cabinet is specified with false sides. We have workarounds for this, but it does require some creative installing on the part of the customer.

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