This video illustrates things to be aware of as you install your base cabinets: corner clearances, counter support, etc.

4 thoughts on “Base Cabinet Installation Tips

  1. Do you suggest putting in the flooring before or after the cabinets go in?
    In my case, I am down to the diagonal floorboards and can do it either way.


    1. Hey Gregg,

      Its really a matter of preference, but mine is to floor right up to the walls and then set the cabinets on top. If you choose to install cabinets first, you must know how high your flooring will be and elevate the cabinets by that amount. If you do not, when you floor in to your dishwasher, stove and fridge openings, you may cause an issue with them not fitting because you have now closed the gap too much. For this reason alone, I like to install the floor to the walls. The only real reason I can give for installing cabinets first and then flooring up to them is if money is a huge concern as you would be wasting flooring under the cabinets that will never be seen. Another thing to consider…If you EVER think you may need to change the cabinet layout, run the flooring to the walls. Otherwise, you will expose un-floored areas of the space when you go to remove/relocate cabinets. Let us know if we can help you further!

  2. What is the best way to attach kitchen island cabinets back-to-back? Is it essentially two individual installations where the end seams are covered by panels or is there a way screw them together so the island ends are secured to one another?

    1. Hey Chris, Thanks for your question. Each island design is different, so I recommend that you ask your Cabinet Coach for an explanation of the installation order, based on your specific layout. Thanks!

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