Attaching a plywood/bead board panel to the back of an island

5 thoughts on “Attaching a Back Panel to Island/Peninsula

  1. This was very helpful. In this example, what would be the best method of connecting the back of the cabinets? I know the front side should be screwed together to create a nice smooth transition between the two connected cabinets, but how do your secure the backsides – is it from that large piece of plywood the white panel was glued to? Thanks

    1. In this case, we adhered prefinished Conestoga 1/4″ plywood to a 3/4″ MDF backer that was mounted to the cabinet backs by screwing it off from inside the cabinets themselves. The panel was screwed on using standard wood screws and then the finished material was installed using 3M Hi-Strength 90 spray adhesive (green can, can be found in Lowes in the paint section where the glues and adhesives are located)

    1. Hey Frank, Thank you for your inquiry! Attaching side panels (assuming you mean either applied or integrated doors as side panels) is a simple process, and very much the same for the tall cabinets as every other style. Depending on the way the cabinet was configured, you may need to shim the side panel off of the cabinet side ~1/8″ so it is perfectly flush with the edge of the face frame. From the inside of the cabinet, you predrill through the cabinet side into the back of the end panel. Be sure to go into the framing of the end panel door rather than popping through the center panel area (if using a typical 5-piece door style). Doing this process on tall cabinets is really much easier with an extra set of hands, but you should be able to use clamps to hold the panel in place while you screw in from the inside of the cabinet. Let me know if I misunderstood you, or if you have any other questions – thx!

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