It has been a while since we had the time to shoot some new video, but we were able to squeeze in some shoot time on a recent project going through our shop. Check these out, some cover topics we have had many questions on!

New Base three Drawer Equal Height (B3DEH) cabinet and some fit up considerations

The new B3DEH and B4D2S2EH cabinets were a great addition, allowing the customer to have the larger/lower 2 drawer fronts to the the same height. However, there has been some assembly confusion since the middle and lower OPENINGS are not the same size when ordered in full overlay. This video will clear things up for ya!

Rustic Species

With rustic being all the rage these days, we wanted to be sure our clients were aware that Conestoga offers a great selection of rustic knotty wood species including Rustic Knotty Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Pine, Alder and Hickory!

Toe Space Side Option

Recessing the side of a base cabinet on an island or end of run cabinet used to be a real pain in the Conestoga line: You had to literally cut the bottom of the cabinet sides off and build your own toe box area. With the new toe kick recess side for base and tall cabinets, Conestoga has created a very elegant solution for this!

Drawer Boxes Install in Deep Cabinets

With the introduction of deeper base cabinets in the line we have had a lot of questions about how to install the tracks since they no longer use the rear metal brackets for mounting. This video answers this question!

Pull out Trays in Deep Cabinets

Since Conestoga’s standard pull outs are not available beyond 24″ deep cabinets, it requires some creativity and craftsmanship to mount the standard roll out hardware. This video shows you how its done.

Dust Top Option

Conestoga added this option to eliminate the unsightly spreader strips on base cabinets from showing when the cabinet was ordered without doors (IE: Open book case). It has more uses that this, but finishing off the look of a matching interior BASE cabinet is its #1 application.

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