Conestoga’s Winter product release had some really nice new products and options we want to share with you. All these options are available now and, as always, check the full catalogs for full details. Catalogs are available on our Downloads page. We are very excited about some of these releases as they will greatly improve the flexibility of your kitchen design. Read on, and tell us what you think of these terrific new options!

 Range Hood Cabinet

 Cabinet Rnge Hood

With the popularity of mantle style range hoods, Conestoga has developed the first in a series of RTA range hoods. This is the first “true” Cabinet Systems RTA range hood in over 20 years. The last one was a dated, early design with few sales.

RH (Range Hood) cabinet explained:

  • Assembly is just like a wall cabinet with a conventional back, top and bottom.
  • Front frames are standard with a 10” bottom rail and Roman Arch valance design.
  • Mantle option is based on a profiled shelf and two Conestoga knee brackets.
  • Upper section is styled with operable doors to install and access blower unit.
  • Hood can also be used as a wall cabinet in other designs.
  • Blower and liner not included.
  • Solid mantle shelf is 3⁄4” thick X 6-1/4” deep
  • Mantle shelf kit options are:
    • Kit A: 2 – Style A brackets and wood shelf
    • Kit B: 2 – Style B brackets and wood shelf
    • Mantle shelf only
  • Available 30-48″ wide and in custom widths, 1/16th” increments
  • Heights are 24-48″, and also available in custom 1/16th increments
  • Depths are 18-21″ in 1/6th increments
  • The new Range hood cabinet can be seen in the Wall Cabinet section of the catalog

New Drawer Base Options

 Equal height drawer base Split top drawer base

Customers routinely ask if a 3 drawer base is available with equal bottom drawers (versus the standard B3D which has a small/bigger/biggest drawer configuration) and also if there exists a drawer base with split top drawers. Conestoga has answered both these questions with two new cabinets!

New Drawer Base Cabinets Explained:

B3DEH is the new B3D with Equal Height mid/bottom drawers. Lower openings are both 9.75″ high. When ordering a custom height, the two lower openings will change and the top opening will remain fixed at 5″.

  • Available 12-39″ in 1/16th increments
  • Available 31.5 to 34.5″ high in 1/16th increments
  • Available 12-30″ deep in 3″ increments only. 12″, 15″, 27″ and 30″ deep are only available with premium Tandem drawer glides

B4D2S2EH is the new B4D with 2 Split and 2 Equal Height drawers (you can see how their cabinet coding almost makes sense!). Like the B3DEH, the bottom drawers are always equal height, but the top drawer is split in to 2 equal width drawers. A nice touch for both design and for not having to content with a super wide drawer for silverware, etc. The split top drawers allow you to accessorize the cabinets much more efficiently.

  • Available 30-39″ in 1/16th increments
  • Available 31.5 to 34.5″ high in 1/16th increments
  • Available 12-30″ deep in 3″ increments only. 12″, 15″, 27″ and 30″ deep are only available with premium Tandem drawer glides

Recessed Toe Space Side

 Toe Space Side

A long awaited option, Conestoga is finally allowing recessed toe spaces on BASE CABINETS (not available on tall cabinets). While the need for this may not be readily apparent, it is priceless on islands where a cabinet at the end of the island may be placed 90 degrees to the others (IE: A bookcase at the end of the island). This option allows the toe space to continue from the main run of cabinets through the side of the end cabinet. It is also sometimes useful for folks who just like the end of a cabinet run to have a recess on the side. In days past, customers were forced to cut the cabinet side off and build their own toe platform. This option is an inexpensive and helpful way to get the look you need without any undue stress or craftsmanship necessary on your end.

TSS (Toe Space Side) Option explained:

  • Available on left, right or both sides of a base cabinet
  • Toe notch is standard 3″ deep x 4″ high
  • Toe space side is not available on the following cabinets: BLS (base lazy susan), BSC (base sink corner), BCFD (base corner full door), BAE (base Angle End), BEAL/R (Base End Angle Left/Right), DB (Desk base), DBFD (Desk Base Full Door), DB2D (Desk Base 2 Drawer), DB3D (Desk Base 3 Drawer), LF2D (Lateral File 2 Drawer), DWEP (DW End Panel), REP (Fridge End Panel), WSUD (Wine Storage Unit Deep) and FS (filler strip) as well as any tall cabinets
  • Toe Board backer is not necessary, but is included

Super Tall Cabinet Option

  • With new construction now routinely featuring 10’ to 12’ high ceilings, today’s designers are looking to extend the height of wall and tall cabinets, using the scale of the room to complete and compliment these designs. Cabinetry such as our TTW (Two Tiered Wall) cabinets are available up to 60” and most other wall cabinet customization up to 48” and beyond in some cases. The next logical product development step is to extend the customization of tall cabinetry to make heights available up to 120”.  Not without challenges and associated costs, this option is not for the average tract home kitchen design. Material costs are considerable and additional packaging and handling costs have been taken into consideration when determining product pricing. When customizing the height of eligible tall cabinetry, the lower section of the utility remains at a fixed height and the top section will be adjusted accordingly

Tall Cabinet Increased Height Option Explained:

  • Height can be adjusted from 96-1/16” from 120” in 1/16” increments.
  • Advantage line only
  • At the onset, options are limited due to plywood availability and inventory costs and concerns:
    • –  Cherry and Hard Maple only
    • –  3⁄4” flush ends only
    • –  Maximum height is 120
    • –  Separate 4” high toe platform is available and strongly recommended with the increased height option
    • –  96-1/16” – 108” tall cabinets have 8 shelves
  • 108” – 120” tall cabinets have 9 shelves

Wall Case Only

 Wall Case Only

On of the more common cabinets we use in designs now is Conestoga’s Custom Sized Case Only (which we video illustrate here). Conestoga has taken the next natural step and added the Wall case only which allows us to configure a wall cabinet any way you want simply using a custom front frame!

CSWCO Option Explained:

  • Full length shelf support boring
  • Available in Advantage and Essence lines
  • Wide range of custom size modifications:
    • –  Width: 9” – 48” in 1/16″ increments
    • –  Height: 12” – 96” in 1/16″ increments
    • –  Depth: 5-1/2” – 30” in 1/16″ increments
  • Since the case price is driven by the size and the number of shelves supplied, traditional incremental pricing is not published for this unit
    • –  12” -18” has no shelves
    • –  18-1/16 – 24” has one shelf
    • –  24-1/16 – 36 has two shelves
    • –  36-1/16” – 48 has 3 shelves
    • –  48-1/16” – 59-15/16” has four shelves
    • –  60 – 72-15/16” has 5 shelves
    • –  73” – 84-15/16” has 6 shelves
    • –  85” – 96” has 7 shelves
  • When multi-opening, non-standard configurations are required:
    • –  Specify the case only dimensions
    • –  Order a custom front frame, doors and additional shelves, and support plywood as needed to achieve the desired configuratio

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