We have developed and released 8 new videos for you! These new videos cover some more of our customers most common questions and should greatly assist you as you design and assemble Conestoga Cabinets. Below is a link to the new videos and a brief description of each. These can also be found in the Videos section in appropriate categories.

Using end skins to hide seams in joined cabinets

In this video, we demonstrate how to hide unsightly seams that result when cabinets are placed back to back (IE: island) or stacked (IE: Transom cabinets), thereby making the cabinet look like a unified cabinet.

Filler pull out rack installation

In this video, we demonstrate perhaps one of our most tricky cabinets, the pull out rack. Many questions are asked about how these are installed and how the front of the rack is ‘decorated’ to match your cabinetry. We think this video does a great job answering these questions!

Filler Columns

Filler columns are used as island overhang supports, in desk applications, next to bumped out ranges, and much more. This video explains these cabinets and sheds some light on how to use them.

Window Seat cabinets

Conestoga’s newly released window seat cabinets (actually, they are called B1D, or ‘Base One Drawer’ cabinets) are perfect for placing under that low hanging window or tying a seating area in with your kitchen. Check out this video to see this cabinet explained.

Installing a panel to an island back

Here, we show how to properly mount a 1/4″ plywood sheet to the back of island cabinets to provide the most structural support as well as a good mounting surface for your corbels/bar supports

Designing with Conestoga’s CSCO (custom sized case only) cabinet

Conestoga’s Case Only cabinet released in Spring 2013 is perhaps the ‘swiss army knife’ of all their cabinets and it is the one to use when trying to get a flexiblly configured cabinet with a custom face frame configuration. This cabinet is what you would use for a custom oven cabinet, a dresser or any other cabinet that is 12″ high to 96″ high and needs a configuration not offered by any of Conestoga’s program standard cabinets.

Assembling a ‘Case only’ cabinet

This video again talks about the custom case only cabinet, but comes at it from the standpoint of assembly versus product description. In it, we show how those ‘loose floor kits’ are used and how they are installed.

Separating wall/transom cabinets

In this video, we demonstrate in a live kitchen setting how to use a trim molding between the lower and upper (transom) level cabinets, thereby decorating the ‘seam’ that results when stacking these cabinets.

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