At long last, we have kicked off our project to launch a mobile showroom for our core sales market in and around Eastern PA (within 75 miles of Lancaster, ideally). We have a great many clients who really want to see the product before committing to buying a kitchen (something we totally understand!) and sample blocks and doors alone are not enough to make them feel comfortable. The mobile showroom will consist of a Ford F350 pulling a 34′ trailer that has a functioning kitchen & bathroom, displays of doors, colors, drawer boxes, moldings and much more. There will be literature, videos, a conference table and even Wi-Fi so that we can access the web site together as we review product and design details.

Because it is mobile, we can meet you at a mutually convenient location between us (the back corner of large mall parking lot or a rest area off a major highway are ideal), so folks willing to drive a little can be assured of a clean, professional, climate controlled environment to review product and meet our team. There may be a moderate fee ($50-60) to bring the showroom further than our local Lancaster/Harrisburg market, but the fee is refunded once the full order is placed. Since a sample door costs $50-60 as well, it seems reasonable to see the whole showroom for the same refundable price so that you can actually see the cabinets, review an assembly demonstration and much more.

As we have had fun with developing this concept for almost a year now, some of us began to affectionately ‘name’ our new showroom on wheels and one that struck our funny bone was the ‘Roll-a-Joint’ (obviously a play on our company name tied in with a, well, less honorable term!)  However, it seems in very poor taste, especially for a company that is pretty conservative in its views and traditions! So, we continue to laugh about that name, but we will also continue to try and come up with one that won’t offend!

Anyway, the trailer is being up-fitted now, with lettering slated for late August, but the full launch is slated for late September. Stay tuned for pics of the showroom and more details!

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